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"the wise man should not only
every day learn something
but also forget by
the same amount"

- friedrich wilhelm nietzsche

i have a 25$ phone that's
off 90% of the time

i turned off my
fridge and

(strange how only natural products
don't need to be cooled down, huh?)

i am suicidal and have
realized it's good
to some degree

(sacrifice your
favorite things
& selfies to the gods
it's still stored
in the heart)

i have thrown away
my expensive stereo

(built-in laptop speakers still work
the music is still music, after all)

when the battery is at 100% on the laptop
i always turn off the charger

(for less radiation, the environment
is still ruined beyond repair).

i cook vegan food that
make meat-eaters froth

i haven't watched tv
or read newspapers
in 20 years

(since 9/11)

if you listen closely at night
when everything is quiet
or when you wake up

you'll hear white
noise in your ears

that is not tinitus
your body is
basically charged up
with electricity

like a bomb
ready to explode

the problem with all these frequences
is they disturb the whole body
and can even deactivate parts of it
(like with 5g death ray)
the real reason of the zombie nation
isn't the media brainwashing per say
but rather, that all the radiation
is overpowering the mind / gut / heart
so someone thinks for your instead

all these problems with sleeping
and mental / physical health
might not be food
but instead all the radiation
we subject to our bodies 24/7

so, at the very least
turn off your mobile
or charge it in another room
when you turn the lights off

try being offline for a month
experience nature, the sea
animals, birds - P E O P L E
without all the superficial BS

it's a whole other world
better than 8k television
and any drugs or entertainment
and it's everywhere
you've just
about it

in truth it's not the
companies or politicians
which ruin the world
it's every single joe blow
which can't see past his noze


that's all there is

wake up
it's soon
too late

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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