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from demon's eyes
from reptile's lies
from 1 promille's cries
that there will be red skies
from the last christian
porn haven lullabies

from the death ray from the skies
all in your pocket
for the low price of
the detuning of your mind's
and heart's own frequency
until you yell out something
all the time while your organs melt
this will be worse than when
germany's economy burned
and resurfaced
this will be better
than when the berlin
wall turned on itself
in the name of fifty fifty
red blue
and some white
to clean out the pantsy shite
right? left? center?
when we are all heading
for a härdsmälta
a helter skelter
beyond god's punishment
beyond allah's wisdom
beyond shiva's 1000 hands
because these bold liars
are more than the 144 000
light workers
so how are we ever going to win?
no, bella said, no, the
psychiatry is stronger
as 5 cops took me away
fight the christian frauds!
no, bella said, no
i am on their side
you have to save
your own hide
and hide behind a screen name
and a computer and loads of them drugs
which get nullified in worse
and worse neuroleptics
until snorting sapphron
landed you at antihistamines
the cancer death
the nightmare drug
the psychotic anger, daily
don't knock if you don't try it
3 times a day
for the rest of the miserable life
so you write this to your wife
but she wants more
always more
and you're just looking to score
some more victims on your parole
with raining on the world's parade
but there's a santa claus
with more twisted presents
and a much larger charade
billy G's sleigh
they want all on the ride
to pure and utter punishment
you just have no idea
the first vaccine contained
HIV and nothing else
why can you not see this?
why do you only see
what you want to see?
what THEY want you to see?
and you believe it in a splitsecond
but 1000 complaints later
which you bulldoze over
with another PATRIOT law
in the new millenia
they came for the MUSLIMS
then they switch
at the drop of a hat
and you all believed it?
this is not nazism
this is not corporatism
this is not psychologicism
this is reptilism

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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