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south americans are from saturn. now, i dont know if thats the oldest planet, but it is what "illuminati" comes from. as, together with the rings around the planet, it looks like an eye. and i recently got to know, that the illuminati arent the bad guys.

yes, they have immense superpowers, derived from hidden knowledge in the kabbalah / cuneiform / emerald tablets, but that gives them just equal chaos and healing abilities.

and the kabbalah (kabba of allah) isnt jewish at all. as the jewish genocide of muslims had gone on for a long time already, they hid their knowledge in hebrew, to make it last. the rich multi-culture in southern spain (about the same time as the vikings reigned), is also the reason we know anything at all about ancient greece, as well. maybe even the tanakh / bible wouldnt have survived then either.

something perplexes me though? it is said the annunaki gene-manipulated monkeys. but it seems to be the opposite? you know the RH gene? it speaks of, that it happened the other way around. the annunaki made an inferior version of themselves, and then dumped them on earth (40k years ago). it is usually spoken of as ancient egypt (khemet), but theres even temples in india where they worship rhesus monkeys.

even weirder, modern gene science says, that africans / blacks, have only 1% heritage to khemet. instead, europe has 50%, and the british isles 70% (basically, in khemet, everyone had blue eyes, red hair, fair skin, and freckles).

this is explained, because, the middle passage never happened. the whites who shipped blacks to the americas, were saving them. around that time, not long ago really, the whole of africa was green. it got obliterated by a nuclear war.

this explains why the pyramids of giza arent that old, because if sahara has been there since the annunaki showed up, they would be much older. but the pyramids show plenty of wear and tear from rain and thunder, and this could only have happened, if northern africa was green.

and really, the term serf and slave, means white person. this is exemplated in the european country of yugoslavia, which is a hellhole, which might be, because its the oldest slave colony.

to survive there, the yugoslavians, by natural selection, developed intense mental powers. i know they can easily download your whole akashic library entries (they can "see" time).

it might also be, because the yugoslavians, have the oldest gene-manipulation in them (and the native americans, have none. thus explains their gene superiority). as the annunaki lusted for gold even further, they made more and more dumbed down monkeys.

theres a reason europeans have gone all over the world, looking for natural resources. because europe is the oldest inhabitated continent. the scandic mountains bordering on norway / sweden, have the lowest height, because nature has had the longest time, to wear them down.

av iamthealphandtheomega (ris och ros)

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