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Actually, last I heard, the Rottschilds haven't bought the central banks of Iran, Cuba & North Korea. Except that, they're pretty much done with the world.

My heart broke some 1-2 years ago, when the so called "opposition" in Sweden, the green party's leader, a real cool chick with long dreads, said the same as the rest: "vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate".

It's all a facade. Rottschild owns nearly the whole world. And has it at its fingertips. Just about all politicians, news outlets and doctors are finely ccontrolled.

I'm going to try to make my doctor give me ivermectin & NAC, so I can get this shit out of my system. Wish me luck :(


The Rottschilds, just like most of the elite in the world (presidents, celebrities, moviestars, doctors, psychiatrists, etc) delve in adrenochrome, clocking in at 100 000 $ for a vial. Although some dont need it, the high is unexplainable, and if you have billions of people against you, its the only way to garner self-asteem (low-level psychiatric staff for example use cocaine / crack cocaine, to get superior to their patients). To the draconians (only 3% are on the good side) the only way they can survive for them, is by eating aborted fetuses. Some of these have probably lived for thousand years, maybe millions. The meteor that killed the dinosaurs was actually the opposite - the crater between latin and central america, was actually a spaceship - which we now call the moon.

The opposite of these are the blue flyers, from Venus. This species is around 3 billion years old (so 3x older than the [winged] dinosaurs = dragons). Venus starseeds are beauty in its purest form, so whenever you create something copyrightable (original, basically) you perform a venus deed.

Dragons (as shown in things like the eurovision song contest) / demons / vampire entities / wendigos have no personality, originality, soul - or really anything - they can only mimik, and steal, living off of their host. The art of "sculpting" entails, that these draconoids (humanoid dragons) give up and send their lifeforce into a human, through one of the eyes. This then swirls around the optic nerve, and controls them, instrinsically. Not much information is available on this. When a person gets this "treatment", they get a real nasty black eye, a search on "the black eye club" is most telling. The current Pope, Madonna, lots of celebrities have these. The newest in the gang is Ida Auken, who, despite copious make-up, still looks completely fucked up, in her aim to sell out the entire world - its all there on WEFs twitter: "Welcome to 2030: i own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better" -

By the way, they won't give up the vaccines. Im guessing when 5g is rolled out enough in a couple of years around the globe, theyll go with the the true mark of the beast: a nanoparticle plaster tatu with microneedles on the hand (itll be infra-red, so i have no idea how you can remove that thing, unlike with things that have been banned now, against the vaccine). This will install microsofts operating system, interoperating with the graphene self-assembling nanocomputer thats in the vaccines. Youll be discontinued, in 1/1000 second (thanks to Elon Musks satelites), if you have a bad thought.