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so. i made this song featuring samples from a donnie ozone a capella. it worked on it a lot as i did in those days with cut and paste in audacity and i tried to make it original but also respectable. and changed the overall sound several times. i was annoyed how modern drums after synthesizers proliferation so i change the beats sample rate or speed or pitch or time to a seemingly random percentage and tried to randomize them during the whole songs length. i got it played on the radio show somehow. i didnt hear any claps afterwards and asked one of the producers why and she said the live musicians who also were in the show liked it. that was on

that reminds me. i should make paying optional instead of free on bandcamp. because eventhough the payment wont go through in the 4th dimension as its just some temporary email you can add and you dont even need to confirm the address. it will still work to reduce my karmic debt. or will it? sigh. ("den gor det. citera mig inte")

not that me writing this matters because theres one artist whose been following me since before i started making music or the same year i was born as were the same first sign. i used to whine about her and i never really talked to her or met her until later. and i parasited her energy and i thought she just was false. but she wanted to remove that 10k karmic debt which im not sure where its from or why its 10k or why i cant reduce it lower than that in saffron reality.

oh, the sign for 10k in roman numerals is X̅. whatever that means? its related to my first (second in non-subspace) tatu. i guess it means to like being invisible. a ghost. a monster. 7 vac. a vampire entity etc. and romans didnt appropriate christianity nor converted judaism from it the roman calender stretches 7k years back. everything is so confusing and false and dumbed down.

and she still confuses and amazes and belittles and guides me and wow. the aim of life isnt sex. and it doesnt have to be being a parent. at least to demons. and real people arent openly mean to you. theyre subversive. it might seem they only do you harm and want to punish you. but they want to give you a lesson. not damage or hurt you. because thats what they want you to stop doing. be yourself and care for others at the same time. i understand now. or do i? theres normalcy and what youre good at doing either by genes or upbringing or family or friends or music or fashion. but theres also the beautiful swedish word längtan like that folktalesong av längtan till dig. and i have no idea what that genre visa is in other languages or countries it doesnt really seem to exist. not like swedish visor anyway. and its old and it still sounds good to this day. jag älskar dig more than words.

it really says everything about everything. planeswalkers. zombie zoo. everything. and her live songs in that style on the radio show is her best music and her old doesnt suck i just cant read sheetmusic so i cant understand the subversiveness present thereinsuch blip blop blap.

and that style had old real beautiful instruments like harp autoharp violin and beyond amazing the language of pixies or she doesnt like me talking or mentioning her name and when i make a new song a second later she sends me one shes printed on vinyl and it sounds like mine eventhough i selected all the songs in extreme beingmyselfness not kan inte gömma min själ

and i figured it out. no, everyone dont know everything about me. i mean, they do. but its the frequency level dimension im at. i only see beautiful people everywhere. because i am. even if i dont see it. but others do. not all. but a lot. but yet again even if they appretiate you it doesnt mean theyll treat you well or in whatever way you want to get praised for trolls serve a function.

and i should really get a cyberpunkentaursamuraietc haircut again. things matter i cant think of them all but hey and i sound like that douchebag boss in office space and thats just great mmh yeah omg exclamanation mark lots trolls cant count to 3 except theyre the smartest its jämtlands language i mean gawd they have their own fucking president for real wow