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hey, thanks for the info.

original jews are palestinians. if you look up images from isreal, they look just like europeans / american-europeans. because they are. palestine only has a few percent of isreal now. so i dont think it has anything to do with the jewish religion. it is said that only 6 million jews live on earth, half in america, half in isreal. but 70 million germans in america? thats a higher number than in germany! as we all should know, annunaki are from sumeria (iraq/iran), which then set up shop in khazaria (modern day ukraine), since it was the trade capital of indo-europa + the middle east + russia. jews were dumb though, and sent out their crusaders 1100 AD to kill all other middle eastern religions (and replace druidism / wicca with christianity in europe). theyre still trying that (just look at 9/11), and failing miserably. they tried it in khazaria. they got to choose between death and to change their religion to judaism. they chose the latter. but it was only a smokescreen for their real religion. then jews got annoyed again in a century, and went to kill the annunaki. they (rottschilds) fled to europe. hey, maybe thats a lie. maybe annunaki and jhvh have always collaborated. or are from the same race. jhvh is just a name of a dude. i guess the fall of the cabal channel arent that well informed.

hey, i guess you know all this. im writing for others.

so the tanakh is basically SHI? makes sense. i talked to a muslim, who said that "yep, christianity is thought of as a fake religion". deserts havent existed that long. sahara came about from a nuclear war (or the titanomachy, if you believe in fairytales). islam came about as a reponse to this. notice how muslims prefer really warm countries. black skin is a modern response to "climate change". yeah, they might be "primitive". if you count primitive as being able to eat anything in existance. africans can munch on amanita for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. they have teeth as strong as steel, or beyond. they have strong souls too. i guess only the most fit for surviving, managed the nuclear fallout. but then again, radioactivity is a hoax. it only stays around for 3-10 years, not 100k's. hiroshima is restored already.

as for the nanochip. its complicated for me. i got into the psychiatric system in 2006. whatever you do, dont ask for help from the government. heal yourself. if you have friends / family, great. theyll probably stab you in the back though. hermits are the only real humans. just add a pet, and youll be set.

anyway, the nanochip. the psychiatric system (who forced me into it) has said 3 times since i got it, that "i refuse to take my medication". thats all they can do! theyve tried to set up "meetings" with me, but i just say i have a cold, and they are canceled every time. they cant touch me.

there are many space-races battling for mother earth. the ultimate theory is the vortex universe. so, earth is the start of everything, like a funnel which the universe was birthed out of. no, string theory is wrong. its not music, its like water, like liquids. the "big bang" was the great flood. like opening a stressed champaigne bottle.

i am the alpha and the omega. i am the 100%-soul warrior which battles the false prophet. its strange how the food shortages in autumn are timed perfectly with a court case im forced into, and also the psychiatric system wants to have a meeting in my apartment then. they say i "isolate" myself. then i say im out and about every day. i got back "you isolate yourself from the psychiatric system". yeah. weird. theyre desparate to suck out any energy from me they can. or theyd seize to exist. parasitic entities. there exists 85% non rh- blood group humans on earth. theyre not human though. theyre demons. de-men. de-human. anti-human. anti-souls.

christianity hasnt taken ahold of their souls. because they never had any. its strange how they baptize you, before youve even said your first word. hey, dont we live in a secular society?

anyway.. the nanochip. it works just like neuroleptics, with no side-effects. except that bloodclotting part, and the homing snake venom which takes out any infidels. i happen to be hyperlaxative. no, its got nothing to do with shit. it just means i response fast to stimuli. my brain also has very high plasticity.

and my sitting / lying down / sleeping frequency is completely different from standing up. so, after the second vaccine (i know, im dumb), i was told, that time, to "rest for 15 mins" afterwards. im naive, so, yes, i sat on a chair outside (???), but it only took a few secs, until i got extreme pain in my body, and it increased more and more all the time. i stood up, and pretended to like some people sitting around there. whomp, the venom stopped working.

it is said 6 million have died from the vaccine in germany. thats 10% of the population. again, its just weeding out the lesser beings. exact thing the nazis did (but only 27k jews died, and 5 million germans? hmm). the vaccine is clever though, it gives you the same afflictions you already got, supercharged. my back got injured after a suicide attempt. after the surgery though, i have never had any pains in it. but the venom acted directly on my one damaged vertebra.

i do smell like a metal snake, so my body is producing it. or its in the tap-water. brian ardis never managed to explain how. and the other people researching it got shushed down. dont see ANY vids on it anymore, neither any discussion in comments.

and the 10% is obviously worldwide. so 900 million people have died from the vaccine. they were trying to do the opposite, 95% were supposed to die. so they failed. monkeypox? genius. have a zit? mr fauci / gates / schwab have an infra-red tatu for you this autumn, to heal all that away! strange its gonna be on your hand and all. reminds of those marks of the beast in the tanakh..

anyway. im tired. need to sleep again.