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ok, 3 people have been mean in a row on miss poetry site.

i cant live without that place.

i just dont get inspired.

i could play runescape all day.

except its not working.

hey i learn things in the game too.

beyond just learning mechanics or lingo.

i dont know what to do really.

maybe it was the beer i drank yesterday.

my mom used to say that when she

gets into a room she can sense the atmosphere

except, i know i wont go into the room

because i am the atmosphere

oh, it was because i photoshopped

used too much energy

hey like ive said

writing doesnt fulfill me

i need to write it to someone

and tracey replies so seldom

and hey i have old karma on miss poetry site

it was only after several bans

that i learned a thing or 2

or its miss moms influence on me

its problematic that

with family...

av Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson (ris och ros)

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