Satanism is perspective

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the thing is, subconciously they do see it.

not everyone falls for it,

but over time,

they will become satanists.

i listened to the quake track for 10000 hours as a kid,

it eventually manifested itself.

in the game, the only tell-tale sign that it's by Nine Inch Nails

(NIN looks scarily like the hebrew word for JHVH) is the nail-ammo supply.

thankfully I'm not circumsized, but I've gotten the satanist trait in under ways.

at the same time, on bitchute there was an interview with 2 people from the satanist church.

the guy had a strong horizonal forehead line, but i have seen a lot with that,

the gal just looked like a normal goth.

the interviewer asked them some, and they replied

"you are selling yourself for numbers". its all perspective.

i know its custom on bitchute to point fingers, but as they say,

then 3 fingers point back at you.

you cannot truly know something unless it is inside yourself.

av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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