Shadows changing in an instant

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This is a year after my second dose. I drank some coffee, and my visual sense changed. Nothing inside my apartment, no light changes, no colour changes. But outside, like in a moment, it went from details in the shadows in the cityscape to just pitch-black. As we all know genes are related, if you change one, others change too. I suppose this is related to the immortal hydra. I could just not have known that drinking coffee would have that effect on me. At the same time, shadows from the sun changed from purple to just black. I remember in my teens remarking on that shadows were blue. Later they became purple too. I remember one time I could see shadows from all planets in our solarsystem - green, brown, beige, blue, red, all of it. I cannot say anything intrinsically changed at that point. This is how the gene editing works, it is very hard to predict. Maybe it got better somehow, but if you have been in an emotional state for so long, it is easy to go back to that state. I was saved in some ways, but by-and-large, it got worse. It seems most people are on a robotic level. They have the perfect answer to any question, and if they change, it's permanent, for the better. I cannot say I intrinsically despise any person anymore, not conciously. But unconciously it's worse. Congrats if you read to this point. Mirrored on svenskadikter and other places.

av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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