Shintoism (undoing)

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as the great master said

"an atom
where he exists
could shatter
all existance"

and thus in the other way
a single splitsecond thought
can and will change
the entire cosmos

lie in bed
when not tired
think things through
you dont need music
you dont need food or drinks
you dont need people
you dont need anything
except yourself
and your own mind
thusly again

is a true
friend who
never betrays"

i dont want you to
encourage joy and abundance

i want you to invite change
it can be 1 second thought
or 10 minutes
or an hour thinking
then write them down
you dont need to
publish them anywhere
have a private diary
or write it on a note
and set it ablaze
or hang it in your
favorite huggable tree
or under a rock
you love so much

this was written
through turning
off my comp
and internet
2 hours ago
in the beginning
i had no thoughts
that it was
sort of scary
but then more
and more came to me
i crystalized it
and write it for you

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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