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3 deadly sins

3 deadly sins - thanatomania, erotomania, draconianism - on the philosophy of fear, sex & gold

so. well go over 3 subjects today: the fiction genre meant to scare us, what we all know of and love to love when we cant make love, and a particular error in the stock market - which recieves half of the attention.

lets start with the fear portion.

the most successfull in this type of mind control, is without a doubt, "the midsomer murders". i remember people who watched this series with their kids back in the days. i mean, its a cute mood throughout, and ugly "natural" actors, with an officer who somehow automagically figures out everything near the end, although the flawed manuscript makes it near impossible for the viewer to do so. then he has a housewife, who sucks at doing what shes supposed to do. so we have both violence and misogyni in a neat little package, which speaks to the majority. this is fucked up.

then we have the opposite. which is also thrilling, and the majority might be cute as well. i havent seen many pornos with ugly people, or showing signs of having sexually transmitted diseases on their genders or bodies. or ones who are disfigured, or just look vastly different from the average pornstar. masturbation material, neatly packaged. no matter how clean it looks, and no matter how good camera equipment they use, its still fucked up.

the problem with this, is if you have real life experience with death and prostitution, you wouldnt think its cute, you wouldnt be "thrilled", and you wouldnt be intrigued to know "more" about it. although, i do know some folks, who get beyond thrilled - that is - sexually excited, from blood and misery. id favour them into the minority of the watchers though.

aside from the normal porn pages, or readily accessable to everyone with an internet connection - aka google images. we also have new sites popping up, featuring zoophilia, shit and piss fetishes, and even autoerotic suicides. yes, these are quite easy to find in todays connected world, though i wont help you with the site names. goatse and tubgirl is nothing in comparison, to the degeneracy you can easily find nowadays. the only missing thing really, is the qanon stuff, aka blood sacrifice, but i bet theyll get to that, eventually - information, wants, after all - to be free!

i mean, i have fallen for the trap too. why look at vanilla intercourse, when you can watch double penetration? why a threesome when you can see 20 people having an orgy? why enjoy two ordinary people fucking, when you can watch a small asian lady getting destroyed by big black dude? or why not quadruple penetration on a midget, with black guys filling up her every orifice - and spooging, shitting and pissing all over her simultaneously - until she dies? watch 1000 different livestreams or as a metaverse game on the topic, in 360 degree 64k at 128bit HDR colour with 20.8 binaural ASMR sound and 3 other more real than reality senses on for only 1 cent a decade! thats where were heading.

the problem with fear and sex mongering (and materialism too), is that, over time, it always has to go to a higher level. this is separate from well-written prose / poetry and sitcoms for example. all that talented writers have to do, is to have the capability of using a clever collection of a varied wordage, and a flowing language. and as for the comedy genre, there are shows that have run for decades, and in each episode, they make some jokes, and thats it?

not so in the lower realms of entertainment. while most jokes, at least when you hear them the first time, makes most people laugh - you cant do the same thing twice. so you have to use your ingenuity as a writer or improvisationist.

with hedonism, it doesnt work like this. i mean, people die, and people fuck - theres really not much to it. so you have to make it more extreme, more fucked up, more disgusting, more debatable - all the time.

then, the third part, also seemingly thrilling and cute. i mean, a significant portion of the worlds population frequent betting sites, and who doesnt enjoy all the fairytales about rich people on TV?

so, the thrill, news media knows all about this. they have so called gatekeepers, who decide what is news and what isnt. first they talked about millions of dollars, now its gone to billions, even trillions. and recently, when ive delved deeper into bitchute, ive heard talk about quadrillions, quintillions and perhaps sextillions.

now, a million is feasable, at least in swedish currency. i mean, if one of your relatives die, as they have done often, since the vaccine death shots, then you might inherit quite a lot of money. also, a car is a major investment, for one, costing some 100k of crona. of note is that one in my big family died, and some other woman inherited the majority - then she died as well. so ive gotten on the lines of 300 000 bucks, though in our currency, so its more like 40 000 USD. still, the aim for a million doesnt seem impossible.

as we iterate though - what about a billion? a thousand million dollars? are you joking? who, in their right mind, can wrap their head around a sum like this?

then, news broke that apple is now worth 1 trillion dollars. ok, they make shiny things, theres quite a lot of women, women like shiny things, so they buy em, and make guys buy them too. makes sense, no?

then, the underground family of the pasteurs evidently have a worth of 1½ quadrillion dollars.

it doesnt stop here though. america, being the poorest country in the world, have a national debt of half a quintillion dollars.

as the US only has 1/30:th of the worlds population, and theres some 300 other countries - that might mean the whole globes worth is near sextillions - when you count in things like owning land, trees, oil wells, and mines of various sorts.

now, that mentioned debt - how did this come to be? well, its called real estate - the main reason for the nullties stock crash. its a buzzword in sweden as well. everyone wants to live in central stockholm, because thats where the majority of jobs are. the thing is, the building business speed doesnt match the ever increasing demand. this is done intentionally though, to drive up house prices. youll hear news sources these days, who even tell of the average price, per square meter, of apartments in our capital, and how it goes up and down.

so what did people, especially in the USA, do? well, they give you a place to live, with a mortage - a loan, attached to it. you pay a fraction of the houses total worth per month. now, everything is fine and dandy so far. what happened then, in the lala-world which is called the stock exchange - is that people sold these loans for a higher price - and somehow, that worked. i mean, to the average person, this makes no sense whatsoever. but, as more people want to live in the major cities, statistics show, that theyre willing to pay a higher and higher price, over time, for this privilege.

take for example the house my parents bought in the seventies. they had to put in a deposit of 30 000 SEK, 1/10:th of its total worth. they never payed the house off though, and, at least before corona hit, the house was worth several millions. so, over time, they got more than a 100-fold increase in worth.

i mean, its money out of nothing. from thin air. the modern days alchemy. like mining diamonds on venus.

so, evidently, brokers sold a house loan, that for example was worth 100 000 $, so many times, over and over - around a thousand, actually - in the computer AI based automatic exchange, that after a decade, that loan had garnered a select few, a hundred million dollars.

so, they have a housing business worth 400 trillion dollars in america - an amazingly huge number. but they did some wicked black magic with it, and now theyve somehow made 400 quadrillion of it instead. the ordinary citizens though, have to pay for this feast.

even more interesting, is the strange news from china, about ghost towns. this happens in sweden too, to some degree - you can actually speculate on apartments before theyve even started building them. so you buy a couple, wait a year or two, and make millions of SEK in profit.

evidently, to prop up the economy, the chinese government have ordered the building of an enormous amount of skyscrapers, which no one wants or can live in - because of the high costs, for example. as is the nature of the housing economy though, these items just increase in value each year.

so, theres a family out there who might own sextillions of dollars. with this, they can control everything - as we have now seen with corona. it seems both the chance of surviving the "virus" - above 99.9%, is the same chance someone with power, fame, influence, or a normie maintaining the universes average stupidity - will sell out to the illuminati.

so, whatever you do:


dont think too much about your money or things. give to second hand stores of what you dont care for anymore. youll eventually realize, that you can survive on, and be just as happy, with less petty bullshit.


dudes and misses, stop with the fucked up nudie binging. i mean, try staying in bed longer in the morning and let your imagination run wild, jack off in the shower, go out in the real world, and meet actual people - fall in love. anything, anything, beyond fueling this fucked up business - as its only real purpose is to keep you alone and in misery.


dont listen to audiobooks, nor read books, nor watch shows, movies, news casts, magazines nor animes portraying violence. if you still do, id go so far as to recommending you to damage yourself or others. then youll see just how much youll "enjoy" this disgustingly perverted candycoated socially accepted cheap thrill.


and if it hasnt been said enough already: refuse the vaxx, and voluntarily avoid people as much as possible (no, 6 feet wont do) to save yourself from shedding.

av AK 47 Fully Automatic (ris och ros)

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