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hi miss dae. i do not know who is wisest or who can see the most ahead. yes i finally realized what you said, i am not powerful.

i do not know how things connect on a bigger level, but everyone else seems to. to say it once again:

if you drink alone, you will learn more about misery

if you drink with others, you will learn more about people

your friend

she seemed interesting

until one point

she says she is good

i do not do that

i see others as good

again, people know this, but, hey..

pi might be infinite or not

what happens is that numbers come in pairs every now and then, in close proximity

if things play out like pi, sometimes unique events repeat closely related in time

you should be very wary when that happens

again, as i was told, that i seemed to have "thought thieves"

i do understand i can somehow interact with others

i woke up not long ago

and something seemed different?

but it often does

i understand how prophets write books

if i manage to write one i do not know

except prophets do not write books

their followers do

before, things that questioned a bold truth

were removed when they reached 1 million views

not a large part by todays standards

with many videos reaching 1000x that amount

my modus in interacting with people

is to impress them

so i went out the door

and near talked to someone

i did not act like a woman

like the one i have spoken like for some days

i have now realized people can pretend

they are someone else online

as for me

i did not like my ordinary name

and there was some movie

where a character had a lot

so i wanted to strive for that

i never truly figured out

how to impress you

i am not truly alive

nor is anyone else

people can pretend they are someone else in real life as well

i do not know how to interact with other people

if things played out as they should

i might have gotten a relationship in fourth grade

i cannot see how it would be good in any way

"thought thieves" again


"our lives can seem empty and staged"


"life is a play we are unrehearsed"

i do not really understand shadowpoints

my own theory which i do not know if it is my own

like anything else supposedly true in my world

or of myself

shadowpoints might not be something good or bad

it is merely how many people you have affected

since i am in state which i cannot get out of

i see everyone as good, at least over time

i can remember a certain happenstance

someone tells me i should look up one of the bands he is in

i buy the album which has the most interesting art

i listen to it, and what i percieve

is the worst garbage ever

later he asked what i thought of it

i laughed in his face

i cannot remember if he expressed anything at all

i do not know if there is a better person than him

i have spoke greatly of his people before

the only reason i met him

is because fate wanted me to

knifesouth is the story of my father

i might have realized this before

but i understand things

through putting them down in writing

i do not need much input

and it does not help

because i cannot remember much

if i truly was normal and like the others

i cannot see how i would enjoy it

there is nothing special about artist or prophets

a fool tells in a thousand words

what the wise man says in one or none at all

because the fool thinks he is special

the wise man knows he is not

the fool thinks in luck

if he just continues hes dumbfoolery

somewhere down the line

something good will happen

the wise man is a warrior

he believes in cause and effect

he does not strive for anything

because he understands how things work

he has battled many things

it does not have to be others

or tangible things

i now realise how everything has been played out

this does not make me special

there have been 4 women i can recall who wanted to marry me

the first one told me a lot of guys

had approached her wanting to marry her

but she had turned them down

i do not know what would have happened to me

if modern technology was not there

i do not understand many things

the wise man knows it all

but does not say it

because it has no purpose

it is said the fool talks

the wise man works

i cannot tell if anything really is true

as you know and the rest

i tried battling a spirit

through using sourcecode

i cannot do this in real life

because my responses are too slow

online it does work

i do not know if i achieved anything with this

it is quite easy

to speak of one happenstance

things seem to freeze

for example comments or views on a video

this is not my fault in any way

so i figured this had to do with so to say with sourcecode

or rather the command

black magic pause

i cannot reverse this

my response is

white magic forward

now the commands might be "time" for both sides

everyone knows this

when i output

white magic forward

i get the error message "command not available newton time"

i could point to things i have heard

which correlates with this

you said so some years ago

you cannot change time

this is perpetuating newton time

since you do speak in riddles

it was not about that

and i did not impress you

with my so called facts in any way

if you affect a person you cannot reverse it

i guess that is what you meant

if you treat someone badly

there is no way to reverse it

if you treat someone well

there is no way to make it worse

though you can put in effort

to think you deserve the same treatment back

but it is not how humans work

again i am reminded of someone from long ago

i thought she was talented

that is all

i remember her haircolour

and looks somewhat

that is all

i can never recall hearing her speak

i do not know what she thinks of me

nor if she knows anything of me

it came to my attention recently

that geeks get bullied

when no one sees

if there truly is a counter

for good and bad actions

bullies do not have any bad karma

because like everything else

they have perfected the art

there is no reason to talk to anyone

in any way whatsoever

i know what my sister was like before i was born

i cannot get high like this again

and recieve more insights

because i cannot receieve insights

what she wants to happen will happen

i am not the alpha and the omega

she is

her starsign is gemini

she has the ability to change time

i thought libra was the most powerful

as they can see time

i was obviously introduced to someone

whos mother was the greatest librarian in a large country

she did die of a blod clot

but before then

she could read 2 books at once

if the library had say 100 000 books

she had read them all

every single word

and saw the book from many angles

you are not supposed to give anything to people

they ask you and you give

not a lot but what is needed

if that person was a libra or gemini i do not know

no one really listens to any of my advice

(her daughter inherited a lot of money i suppose

she used to get technology

she said that she tried to work out a lot

but damaged her knee

i said this was in relation to using electronics

and she should stop

she did not

as she had abused her familys fortune

to try to be like everyone else

and be beyond them

i do not really know if she has achieved anything

she is not an artist

and she is a fraud

but then again she is just a sign to tell me something

and she acts like a bully

sometimes she says something of value

something goodhearted

this is very seldom too

she did want me to move in with her

i had merely said the only phrase i knew in her language

mi casa e su casa

add in shallowness as well to her list of faults

people do not really converse

all is made of power words

although i do remember one time

being yelled out

the person then turns to their friends again

and seemingly has a normal conversation with them

i do not have any sort of insights

and intuition does not exist

neither does creativity

as mentioned, work nor hard work does not exist

you get drunk and high and have sex

that is the only point

tracey you are a concoction of my sister

that is not to say you are bad or do not exist

maybe you do i do not know

i will not come visit you

i do not know what will happen

i could call you

but again i do not know what will happen

you sound quite normal but of course geeky

i am not a scorpio

i am not a desert person

i am not an ice person

i need to get something to eat


so i could wonder again if i am real

it did seem like all my efforts

to make things better were futile

i did improve people

then i lost them

all info points to

that they turned into what they where before

but worse

i cannot really understand

anything beyond becoming a parent

there is really no other meaning

i can point to people i have met

but they do not exist

i can analyze the very sourcecode

of this simulation

that is all