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all fresh fruit and veggies
are being conserved with
formaldehyde since 2020

they have negative
antioxidant effect
because of this

try boiling just about anything
in water you will see small
pieces of metal after it simmers

this is the graphene
self assembling

it is strong enough with
power from your body
to emulate your
whole world

the power gotten is from
organs and outside and
inside electric currents
and heat and magnetism

your brain exhibits a
unique bluetooth

the best ways to heal yourself
and this you have to do daily
because of shedding

shedding is from
other objects, food,
the air, the water
and other people

they are even
trees now

the opposite
of mk ultra
is mind

your brain will
turn into a sun
the opposite of
a dyson sphere

there are videos on
youtube about
and with this

if you are on the
right frequency
the algorithm will
present it to you

look up
c60 and

c60 has 60 free electrons
that means each c60 atom
can bind to any atom
which has up
to 60 free radicals

women have a
because of monthly

and will require higher
amounts of c60 and hcq

placebo is for real
and scientifically proven
you can change
your entire world
with a single thought

av Sofia Sotz (ris och ros)

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