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they love you when you toke
they love you when you smoke

they forget you when you go broke
they forget you with a meme joke

they laugh at you when you go woke
they laugh at you when you vote

but might it just be
that they are not alive
and you are
you are you are you

and its only you
against the world
against your own world
because you own the world

if you ignore the haters
and put your faith in creators
of beauty of wonders of ultimate
truths in vast oil paintings

then you forget that they are
not beautiful like a painting
de är bara fula fula som stryk
och det åker du på till slut
det blir ditt slut
det blir din början
när du sätter första färgen mot penseln
så måla så skapa så teatrala
va inte dum spela inte dum skriv inte dum

va dig själv för du är den enda som finns
i din värld i din värld i din värld
finns det endast kärlek och förståelse
för de som inte lever
för de som inte över levde

de lever i gyttjan
som de kastar på dig
som de kräver av dig

och för att ingen är som du
you mudwrestle
with yourself
with them
and you think they are your friends
but they would backstab you in an instant
before an instant

because remember at school?
those bullies who changed sides?
those geeks who changed sides?
its only you and you alone

and thats all that exists
ruin your ears your your body
alcohol is holistic it ruins everything
but runes are beyond this
atlanteans are weak
they love sand and ice
i like black holes and white wormholes
beautiful than your amateuric lensflares
i am not the alpha and the omega
i am the 8 letter runic
alphabet for the everyman
i am a shaman shield
in places that do not exist
you walk past them every day
you dont notice them
because they are the basementdwellers
they are on the one in the rooftops
the dryads which lose their home
for every tree you chop down for another
fearpaper its funny how pray sounds
like rape if you repeat the words quickly
thats all that exists
rape culture
no one is spared
except me
except obviously i turned to the bullies
just the other way around
i do not know all the words they had for me
in their limited gangster mentality
they could not say YOU SMELL LIKE SHIT
because junkies smell not of this world
you are not of this world
you belong on the dark side of the moon
enjoy the warmth enjoy the warmth enjoy the warmth
hearts are useless if they hurt from a single word
that is allah but he is weak he is only air
wiccas are ether but still not
hecate is the sun and the moon like tao
grattis på födelsedagen darkhalo
lycka till med nån som mig bryan
lycka till bella och tessan
och alla ree-rees där ute
ja jag ska fixa en face tatu

av Sofia (ris och ros)

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