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34:00 this makes sense. when i got my second shot (first was saline solution) i was told to rest for 15 minutes. well, after 1 minute, my back started hurting, so i stood up, and it stopped. anyway, i hurt my spine years ago, i actually broke it all the way through, but was operated and got a titanium screw there. if what hes saying is true, that the vaccine is specially tailored to make you die, in whatever way youre already sick in, this is insane beyond belief.

this is real odd. it seems that remdesivir / snake poison, is a cure for the death clot shots? remdesivir thins the blood, while the vaccine makes the red blood cells positive in charge, meaning, they all clot together (autopsies have shown 2 meter long blood clots). this is so upside down.

corona is not a respiratory disease. it does not attack the lungs. it is not from bats. this was just a smoke screen. all that discussion about it.

in 2005 they sequenced the entire genome of several snakes. its from them. its synthesized snake venom. remdivisir is snake venom.

this is why ive never tested positive for corona.

and it might be, why ive got the cold now, as i got 1) cold 2) bad air 3) didnt use snus for several hours, yesterday.

the thing is, when i dont use snus. if im at home, i get tired directly. i havent exactly figured this out. if im out and about, i dont get tired.

in either case, he says that, of the people that got into the hospital for corona, only 5% were smokers.

so that it would attack the lungs is a smokescreen.

strangely enough, it was the nicotine that saved me.

anyway. he also says that how they gave people this virus, is by poisoning the water supply, all over the world.

i noticed this even before i got the shots. when i stopped with snus, i got mortally tired. i slept and slept and slept. this is the real causation of the virus.

at the end it mentions: compounds that protect against snake venom poisoning: nicotine, zinc, HCQ, ivermectin, quercetin, NAC, vitamin C, copper, bentonite clay, cortosteroids, budesonide (nebulized)

anyway, without the intro of stew yelling at the screen:

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