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two years after i started writing

seriously something unusual happened

i found people which said much with few words

i copied this except i had a lot of time on my hands

so i just said a lot with a few words over and over

i wrote about 3000 works this way

i do not enjoy being angry and am only so when i smoke

thus i should take no form of drugs

i have some drugs perscribed and i used them incorrectly before

so now i am handed them one by one morning noon and night

i swallow these together with a dark bewerage

it is not something i thought any good of before

it did not have the same effect as the original warm drink

it seemed to have no effect at all

but it is supposed at least in my world

to be combined with drugs

thus reads the description

"effect strengthened by drugs"

everything is really simple

if it seems complicated

the complication is only there to confuse you

no people do not exist they exist at many times

and places with many different offspring and parents

i bought bread and red sticky mess

and snus of course my only lust och last

that i am so addicted to i cannot stop

the men in black come then i do not recommend

making someone of such calibre annoyed

you will make mistakes though

it is part of growing up

my fathers fate is similar to mine

such as to say what i am told

and seem to know about him

is only a reflection of myself

he was only here as a shadow

shadows are more difficult to draw than light figures

if it is to be realistic that is to depict

4 dimensions or higher in a 2 dimensional plane

shadows bounce like light does

if a light is on a figure the light first bounces off of objects

then the shadows are dependant on all acquired sources

i do not have a good dress on me it is torn

a good seamstress has made it for me from old bed sheets

she is an expert at picking out the goodies

so good as a matter of fact that if she looks through rubble

the rubble in itself will change to accomodate her

when i was with her she found a pair of shoes which do not hurt

they seem to be of kings quality or better such as knight

it is easy to clean shoes one does not have to make it complicated

you put hot water in a large container

clothes do not really shrink from hot water

nor do they get bigger when stretched after washing

neither cotton nor silk or whatever material exists

they are just symbols symbols that are given to you

thus nothing exists and i just realised this out of the blue

i am now sofia what i was before is of no use to myself

and everyone in my reality except only my reality exists

and though does for everyone else

if people seem odd and stereotypical

if you have to repeat a commandment over and over

or a question or whatsuch

it is because they are in another place

they do not really come into your world

they only respond quickly in joy sadness or anger

they are still in that other place

where other things happen

these are told in papers to be horrible

but they are truly fantastic

if you bother someone they will change in ways

one of those is your före detta

one of these is your exet

you will only truly have one före detta and one exet

you can talk of many others but it is only a few

people which truly matter

one of these is someone who calls out for help

two of these are your parents

several of these are your siblings

there are family trees and soul tribes

they are both your family to the same degree

i remember just yesterday i saw someone

who had something to teach me from long ago

before i was born into this shell

i just started talking to him

he replied back

people are not really losers

and everyone is fantastic

i am reminded that i do not hear

any music from close nor afar

there is some noise and i had not heard it

this is to tell me from my body

that it is unhappy

as i am used to ruckus

the body replies however it does

i do not know how to sort writings in this new style

i have a tendency to destroy in various ways

what is good to me what is given to me

i have some coins i collect every now and then

i was given thousands of coins thousands of treasures

i did not treasure them

i will make a carbon copy of this

and put in a safer place

one can make however many carbon copies one desires

for me it was my mother who kept many of my older works

works to make her stop complain and thus make her happy

at one point it felt like everyone was putting up a show

it turned worse recently it seemed like everyone had the

perfect answer to whatever i said even before i said it

that is pure thought and even things i recalled when talking

was replied to in grunts or other various so called

non language words

i read a defintion of caveman language


i should do something else for now

my frequency is decaying and thus

the beauty of the words do the same

i do not have much to do

the world is mine but it is my responsibility

i enjoyed food and still do

last year with the major disease

afflicting almost everyone

in some way or another

we were put in quarantine

at one point i did not enjoy drinking water anymore

that can be seen as the ultimate punishment

if not water then what

but it is not someone elses fault

it is how i have treated people

with water the water element

thus writing is of supreme quality

i think but you cannot go around

talking this way to people

you cannot do anything to please people

you should also not please yourself

sex might seem like the ultimate

but i have tried it 2 times

and it was nothing special

the objects of my desire

had me as an object for desire as well

that is to say how i desired them

is equal to how much they wanted from me

karma is a simple concept but it is not

karma means merely action

if you throw an apple upwards it will

land on the ground it is said

this is a bold lie

nothing is like this in the fifth dimension

before i was merely the nullth dimension

no thoughts really

if i got stimulus i outputted as much

as the input it is simple

as for not using punctuation

this writing is strange but truer

and easier to write if you only

have a few words it does not matter

you can say everything either way anyway

one of these words were bög

it is an old name for female diety

that is to say the most supreme

of all that is supreme

of all that is refered to as motherly

to take similar word bitch

it merely means a female dog in heat

people throw around this word like nothing

and it does not seem they know what it means

nor do they have any other words to replace it with

thus the wonder if they are really alive

people might think the same of me

another interesting word is aesir

it means corpse

and is a very bad insult to someone

either by their behaviour or smell

thus ones which use it often

have smelled like a corpse

these are very rich people

they do not throw around their riches

they throw around the contents of their stomaches

their stomaches can never be filled because

they are to have a slim weight

they combine this with beer

and any other stimulus under the sun

some of these grow up to be musicians

another is the word lugn

it can point to another time

if you are near such a person

you should run away and pray

you will never meet one of them again

it is said lugnet före stormen

thus just hearing them say this word once

is a supreme curse you do not want to know

what it will do to you

these people do have immense traumas

and anyone who crosses them if only

with a single wrong word

will be dealth the elements punishment in time

same goes for the word het

hell is hot and they have been there

and somehow found the way out the keys

thus you should not spend time with them

they will use the word hot as a compliment

your relationship will soon turn sour

and you will be painted as the antichrist

in one form or the other

av va? (ris och ros)

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