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sara said her worst fear

is if i end up in prison.

i tried to kill myself.

i was too much of a pussy

so i torched my apartment

and locked the door and

threw the keys out of

the window then i jumped.

i was in the hospital for

only ½ year i was lucky.

4 people visited me.

so they are for real

and it was not hopeless.

now it is 1½ year since

bella broke up with me.

now i only have myself.

anyway i went up in court

there was a man who had

worked long as a juryman

he said afterwards

"i have never seen

such a court decision"

i am legend and i do not

really care. all i wanted

is to not be alone.

i got that 3½ weeks with

bella then the rest is

i dont care about.

all i wanted is

to not be alone.

all i wanted is

to not be alone.

av Va? (ris och ros)

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