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Midnight Jibjab

is the first song

on the album which somewhat

connected to this listener.

It starts off as strange and freaky

Artrock Ambient with

some low-key drums -

like yours truly

made back in the days,

and sometimes still her own way.

Not to forget Vapourwave in "My Alien Lover",

which alures to a cyberpunk snes-era game,

if the protagonist added quite a lot of fentanyl

into her god body mode upgrade

while hacking and cracking and

sex n drugs n rock n roll

and darknet and such.

The fanbase is still waiting for

when she makes meta-amphetamine music -

to the tunes of extratone or at the very least speedcore,

we did get a visit from Elvis though so that's at least something;

Madonna says it the best, "I prefer opiates".

The world of drugs is vast, and such is it of cooking.

Merely baking bread makes some people

high and happy and excited and fulfilled

and brotherly; it's all perspective.

We are all one, and both of us

are born in the year of the Ether Pig,

while one leans more towards Watch Dog

while the other is a Computer Mouse.

It was not long ago since it was

the Titan Dragons year.

As it was a pandemic the writer did not

venture too deep into the unknowns,

and did not meet too many dragons per say.

Except for one time, when it felt like a Dragonball

was literally going to fry the whole earth.

The news said it was

"a normal phenomena",

that an ENTIRE WORLD melts? -

What does one say... everything is perspective, mayhaps!?

It rains and pours synth effects in this collection,

though as usual only a couple of layers,

which the artist could work more on integrating,

as she does come from the land of the stones -

stronger than khemet, though her looks and voice

and surely state of mind reminsce more

of 80-words-for-amanita Saðmi.

Don't let the first or

any songs throw you off,

it's a myriad of sounds;

a lot to discover.

And one wonders,

does she make use

of radioactive

stones now?

You never





av Tomas Sofia Johanson-Jonsson (ris och ros)

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