Strange weather

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i just wanted to
mention something
which i havent heard
from anyone else

i have great psychic
but its only
through what i do
i dont do magic
white nor black

some year ago during corona
it was +8c degrees
for almost 8 months

we had 1 week summer
in the middle of the year

as in chemtrails
didnt work there

then we had 3 weeks autumn
and an icecold month
between november and
december with -14c to -24c

i dont know how this
all ties together
but i "saved" the
weather through my
"conspiracy theoring"

i also complained about
apples tasting
disgusting recently
with all sorts of

and you know what?
now they taste natural!

we can all
our reality
and i hope
you do too

now its coming
spring in stockholm
but it was -15 on
and off for 3 months
lesse what weather
we get this year
more natural
i suppose

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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