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the prophies

(relayed to me by

the guiding light)

said if i died

spring would

never come

now im dead and

theres no spring anymore

1 week of summer woosha

a few weeks of autumn

yes its true as i said

the earth is bipolar now

i have my door open

and it feels like

im in a fridge

dont remember last summer

the years pass by

so quickly

when youre middle aged

but this is not the middle ages

it is the end times

but its always been that

at least its not jamestown

or maybe it is in some ways

im cold im cold like regina lund says

and im too lazy to cook coffee

maybe i should make a tasty stew

saffron rice a tasty ciabatta

some olives a fine wine

lifes what you make of it

for me its been a lot of food

instead of drugs

but no one really

called me a fatty

hope you enjoyed the read 🖤

i wish you true love and

abundance to your wildest dreams

if thats what you really want

or maybe just 1 friend who cares

who understands you

is enough


i have tracey

she can handle my ups and downs

and we happen to have a daughter together

although shes more like my daughter

a few years younger

weve only met once

a long long time ago

in a separate reality

to my boring world

thats why i try

to spruce it up some

you can as well

you are lilith

you are the fear of the black planet

but baby

dont fear the reaper! 🖤

does the wheat fear the farmer?

no, its her lover

one wise man once said

shiva and bagavad gita and

anti-kali are the same entity

depends on how you see it

p e r s p e c t i v e

i hope everythings alright with

you out there mr and

mrs and mr(s) reader

its ok with me


i dont really "like" writing

its just something i do

like eat and pee and shower

and eat lots of tasty food

and remember to drink a lot of water

water is slightly blue

if you look closely

so you get that energy

you need equal red and blue and green

then you get a rainbow of abundance

h a r m o n y and truth and reflection

me i did not eat 2kg of chocolate to get inspired

i cooked 4 eggs and threw away 1

you gotta give to get...