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cuban cigars

himalaian air

maltesian water

persian salt


you need 2 of each

entropy can be easily inversed

youll see if you do right

challenge yourself every day

one of the lesser products

will be refurnished

as long as you invest

in the best of the best

you have infinite supply

beyond this

is summoning from thin air

with a single thought

just do the correct body language

at the correct frequency

you can drink water in the desert

smoke in hospitals

and breathe in the ether

if you imolate yourself and eat

your ashes until nothing is left

you can teleport anywhere in the

multiverse beyond the speed of crystals


alchemy allows you to create anything

from water salt sugar

or if youre stranded

blood pee and shit

gore and greta are liars

nothing needs to be saved

except reaching

beyond the matrix

the time has come

for a 90 degree phase shift of

the poles into venus frequency

a single seed is needed

for a 1000 year old tree

with enough nurturing

borrow from a botanical garden

one apple orchard can give

100kg fruit each year

you can feed an entire family

the peel gives essential oils

the seeds taste like almonds

everything is everything

electronic components can

be mint condition restored too

to remove even the phoenix rootkit

from your digital frequency body

dont accept anything of this

unless it agrees with

your mind heart gut

instinct and evaluation

and deduction of

earlier memories

evolve your dna to 100

dimension complexity or more

beyond super strings to fractal to vortex theory

find your way beyond hells labyrinth

solve the sphinx rebuses

there are only signs

you are an interpretation

of your own interpretation

of one single cell of the

breathe of the universe which

deludes itself into seeing

only one angle of a 1000 pointed

platinum diamond

reflection of

the optiverse

expect the unexpected

the only thing to percieve

every day upgrading your frequency

into lower and middle and septempolar harmonics

welcome to palme sahlin reinfeldt schyman svea rike

a cradle of the worst people to have ever existed

into the most naive populace after

1000 years of christian bondage

beyond the vatican

united kingdom

australian hillsong church

trafficking adrenochrome junkies

follow the reptile moons zodiac

instead of the gregorian calender

beyond daylight savings

O.I.L. dollar rescuer

and GMT shift

bitcoin will be

only currency left

after the great reset

20 trillion dollar

assets and loans

theyre after your

immeasurable soul

your body

worth 80 million

in the mexican



play runescape for a living

pay beyond slave labour

where are your coalminer

worker nirvana imitating jeans

white power t shirts and

shallowheavy sneakers coming from

if not slavery in another not yet

economically emancipated country

say no to vaccines

whatever the cost

they rip apart your dna

until youre an encrypted mess

with null chance of ever producing offspring

except rhesus monkey zero bluebloodgroups

except dwarfs aka scots which lived

closer and closer to the core of the earth

creating godswords but gods dont want to be defeated

so the wisest angel ever known got sentenced

to a lake of frozen hydrogendioxide

to squared beyond squared hate

to beyond being what the universe revolves around

stuck in a black hole making every song and destroying everything

rebirth the universe crush the schlagerfestival

encompassing sugarsmoking reptilepop

blue ray souls dont have any rules

the only object is fibonacci beauty harmonics

dont sell out to any corporations

with enough effort the gods and angels will eventually reward you

even if you have 0 non-robot plays on all digital platforms

but there can come billion cubic beyond

petrol nutricious litre tears of rain

from the third element battery cyberpunksynthesized sky

earthed connections charge faster because they get their power from hell

the explosion causing smartphones get electricity from the atmosphere

if you can control the weather theres no need

for charging beyond receiving background radiation

beyond the power of hawking radiation

into seeing everyone in their true godbody

and auras wings horns

shadows and light from all

planets in the solar system

to the most perfect

1280 channel orchestration

in even 3kbps midi

drift to the center

see the true shape of things

in all your mk ultraish

developed senses

in a 100 failed rebirths

until you realize

the true meaning of belarus

the time is what time is

an illusion in 4 dimensions

travel at the speed of holography

in 100s of automatic interrelated clones depending

on your true first last and middle names


what manifestations of people

are recurring in your life

theyre a key to your

past present future

information only exists

until we have zero point energy

blacklight and blackmatter

destroying engines

for the true rebirth of all universes into

one blackhole and one sun

to dream the last dream

which rebirths the world

into a new reality

which might just be

becoming a parent 2½ times

9 cat lives 1000 in fifth dimension

multiplied by elephants 88 lives

equals containing 26 million

brothers and mothers

for the last battle

of the IRL starwars

fight the power

which isonly your shadow

ether and light self

into perfect equilibrium

USA1s karma is

left to distributed

500 years to europeans

being power battery slaves

shine their heads with fifty

5g towers in a perfect circle

and eat the butter acid rich pineal gland

BRAINS is the ultimate word

of fear from and to christians

so are you fast moving weak zombie

or a slow restant one

all is needed in ragnarök

the same as gods angels

and holy spirit animals

insects bacterialflora

and perfectly symmetric

waterlasered pyramid

saturn minds

the vaccine somatic and psychiatric

system is there for a reason

see through their lies and work

doubleagently on all for 3 sides

of the poliical artistic

nonsexist religious googleplexbit

thought emotion and idea spectrum

which includes the thought of genocide

and forgiving all peoples and corporations

for we are all sentient organisms to some degree

open your third eye and turn blind to the noncat world


the beginning and the end

and the last dream

once again

play one song tone word

on infinite repeat

during your whole life

Ohm Moo Ñ

and it heals and

explains all wounds

and secrets of the universe

your peoples which is every atom

adam eve lilith hecate Isis ISIS

and beyond beyond beyondness