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This was originally a translation / transliteration of the demo (the REAL demo) of Sia's "Diamonds". As it was at the time, I pushed myself so hard, that often when I finished a piece, I deleted it quickly afterwards. Same goes for throwing away things in reailty. Now it's better, I throw away and delete some things, but not as much. Still, it's within me. But mostly, I just throw away the trash instead. I noticed years ago that the 10-rule was in my blood. That is, before, if you gave 10% away to the king/priesthood, you didn't have to go to war. What that means is, and I overdo it, obviously, when I've bought some food, eggs for example. I put 1 new egg in the trash, then when I'm making an omelette, i don't fry all of the sauce, then I don't eat everything. Think about others. I have the privilige of eating more than I need, so why not give to those who don't have much of everything? Yes, I put the trash next to the container. I've seen some people picking apart my trash before, so it's needed 🖤

av Ataraxia Abyss (ris och ros)

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  1. youtube.com/watch?v=Xt_7h0t5ax4 Sia - Diamonds - Very first recording of Diamonds. Early attempt at creating the melody.