Take care of your mind

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both my parents and most sisters and brothers drink, a lot. i dont understand that world. i know its good in some ways, but ive always been alone. dont like drinking alone and ive almost never tried it. i prefer being for real as a taurus with all 4 hooves on the ground, 0 thoughts most of the time, then 1 thought starts, a few words, and you get a poem or all my quotes (theyre my best friends) or song to listen to...


its quite alright
after that
anxiety session
it was horrible
but i lived to
tell the tale

and why would you
want to drink
when youre tired

just go to bed then
or lay in bed
with your thoughts
thats what i do

its easy
its not easy
but its
your mind
take care of it

av Tsofmia Neplith (ris och ros)

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