Ten percent

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6 million people in germany have died from the vaccine. thats 10% of the population. it is the same on a global scale. so 900 million have died. its a lot worse than you think. though, they figured 95% would die. the monkeypox vaccine this autumn will make their dreams come true. couple it with food / petroleum shortages, and youve baked a really good cake. and besides, with the lockdowns and the vmat2 gene deactivation, everyone is dead on the inside. same goes for social media. everyone on the planet is a fucking celebrity now. except, no one really cares for anyone. theyre all chasing likes. everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, does the "add a like / subscribe / notification / comment / buy my product" bla bla bla in their videos. youtube is the same thing as tv now. diversity is an illusion. and its coming to bitchute too. you can mouse over the search bar on youtube, and youll see where the video got viewed the most. for most, they get 5% segments which are viewed. people want entertainment, nothing else. and content creators are boring as hell, they have no talent whatsoever.