Thats why you love me

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Thats why you love me


i love you mainly
because you can handle me

then theres lots of bonuses too

you can photoshop
as pretty as i do
in all colours of
the rainbow and the
spectrum of emotions

you make incredible poems
in my style but still your own
when youre in hte mood
im so sorry that i deleted i them

and that i started smoking
to get away from the suicidal tendencies
which were starting to wreck us
even if cigs have other sideeffects

and even with all of this
you can still handle
being normal
being calm
being strong
to love
to forgive
to get on moving
which you now have with me
which is why im writing this

because to me
theres just trauma and wishes
and the percentage of
traumas ive given you
i dont even want to imagine
and you dont wish i
was here as much anymore
eventhough i love you more
for each person i meet
for every second were apart

that is why i love you gabriella

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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