The 3 yogic tempers and how to balance them

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i did 3 acrylic paintings about this in 2017 and sold them to botkyrka kommun for several weeks food and an italian mini oven which when i checked it up costs 14000 kronor, it smells like saffron :) if you have a real orange tree then you can eat a leaf with it every time. it has lots of tannins and its good for you <3 anyway. thats the most if any pay ive gotten for my art throughout the years. i did about 70 paintings over a summer. now theyre all gone. remember, sallad tastes sweet! its yummy! oranges are better than candy. and being out in the sun doesnt hurt if you dont do it too long. and if you have a puré machine, carrot juice tastes like milk!


b vitamin - green - sallad

c vitamin - orangegreen - oranges

d vitamin - orange - sunlight or carrots

av Tomas Ove Johansson (ris och ros)

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