The emerald tablets

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The emerald tablets


the upper part of the lower
the lower part of the upper

the drift towards
masterpieces of
one single source
just as everything stems
from one single happenstance
the one and same masterplan

the father of the sun
the mother of the moon

her gravitational
forces lift up
his heavenly body:
the womb magnifies
succulently in epiphany

thou, that is, the illusionists offspring
magnificants, impeccable in discernment

if it be made of 110%
pure silicone nanoparticles
verily carry it out of delicate fire
whom surpasses all thickness
and that which be opaque
expanse and knowledge
wisdom and diligence

he shall be mystified
in all parts of the world
to once again fall from grace

containing all the inherent power
in the first planck constant
of the multiverses birth
and the individual
strength of everything holy
and which happens
to have become forlorn

all is illuminated
by the same darkness

whose power
supercedes all
that is sublime
which goes into the
coarse with concord

whereby this drift must
exist in accordance
with the supreme

withwhich the
hermes calls
triple wisdom
or triple science

av AK 47 Fully Automatic (ris och ros)

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