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Hey. So I write a lot. Most of it is just abstract, or emotions, or... I'm not really sure. It took awhile, but I've been a father for some years, and it's time I took responsibility for what happens in the world. I don't try to impress people any longer. Instead, I want to change them, for the better. I want to make this world a better place than when I came into it. There's lots of dark clouds on the horizon, and honestly I don't think we'll make it. But like a druid aphorism says: "Live every day as if it would be your last". So do that, always be your best. Geeks have it real hard. We don't get chicks, we don't get friends, we don't get laid, we don't get any hot chicks checking us out, we get yelled at work and demoted (ref: Office Space) and just.. then we have fibromyalgia too. I know I don't get many likes nor comments, and I'm permabanned on Twitter and it's still 5 days left of my month-long ban on Facebook. I see it only for the better though, in retrospect chasing likes is just pathetic, and the people (aka bots) at Twitter have been the rudest (even if they're politically correct) I've ever met. Anyway, I hope someone sees this who has problems with the lymphic system, and I hope they seek help, just buy some antihistamines, they're not that expensive, try a pill, see what happens. It could save your life. That's what I want to do now, save lives, not ruin lives. It's been so long.


What I'm about to talk about isn't Aspbergers. It's something much more severe. It's called fibromyalgia. Officially, people only say it's "lots of pain". Unofficially, it's metal- and electricity oversensitivity. The truth though, is that the person who has fibromyalgia, has wrecked their lymphic system, which is why, when you get older, some things hang - it's not fat, it's a collection of lymphs. The lymphs are all over your body, probably in your brain too, like a three-dimensional web. Whenever you move your body, such as taking long calm walks in the woods, your lymphic system works to make everything else in your body work. If you're like me though, you spent the majority of your teen days and probably adult days too, sitting in front of a computer, or lying in bed with your smartphone by your side.

Now I'll just have to mention that I bought anti-histamines. I took these years ago, and they had good effect, so good effect actually, that I unfortunately stopped taking them. I bought some standard brand at the drugstore which was thirty pills at 10 milligrams each. As I had anxiety at the time, I put my grocery bag on the table, took a pill, and tried to rest. I can safely say it probably had a negative effect on my heart, or maybe it fixed it up some. In either case, lying on my left side was a bad idea. Otherwise, I feel more free in the body, more lean, like I'd gone to the massage parlour, I was literally floating on clouds, didn't want to get out of bed. Histamines are red colourants, maybe related to red blood cells or something like that. I don't really know what they do, but if you get cramps and have a stale demeanor, try antihistamines.

av Sofia Sjöfararen (ris och ros)

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