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--You are not gay! If you do not have a prefered pronoun, make one.---

...If you do not come up with a unique one, your closets entire contents will be recorded in the akashic library...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Always in-tune with the latest technology, Sir William Henry ”Bill” Gates III, in a challenged video, purposedly proposed to the CIA, in 2004, to remove, or partially disable the function of the The God Gene, in earth's complete human population, by a worldwide "flu- or rhinovirus" plandemic. This was evidently masterminded to stop "fundamentally religious" muslims (like, all of them, lol. just look at them shawls! BTW, sorry for laughing): from blowing their - and everyone else's - brains out with suicide bombs, in the Middle East, and other places in the world, where they had fled in terror to, by lowering the amount of "intense beliefs and desires" in their mindset. But the recording of the FUNVAX virus proposal, no matter how fantastical, was fake news though, and got debunked professionally by Snopes and other highly reputable, independent, and objective news-sites on the net, starting from the time when the Corona virus conspiracy theory frame-of-mind had reached a status quo in the alternative media.

Paranoid tinfoilhat Internet trolls went so far, as to say, with inspiration from the fake video, that the world's richest humanoid bipedal creature (incl. but not limited to, opposable thumbs), likewise computer geek mastermind, gone brave, no-holds-barred altruistic philantropist, had planned the corona virus pandemic, since the middle of the 00's, as a way to take over the world's population's minds, The Matrix-style, with a mandatory vaccine (or else one wouldn't be able to buy, sell, travel, live, or live. did the article mention live? they'll kill if you don't take it, or think wrong - like 'the mark of the beast', as mentioned in the dubya instruction manual v.00 & the later v1.5, but no-one believes those hack-n-slash fairytales anymore) that would include an RFID / Bluetooth micro- or nanochip - preferably in the brain - citing, among other things, the much-needed ID2020 project, as if it was something 'inherently evil'.

The trolls' bumrush ensued, by trying to persuade feeble-minded innocents into thinking that the disease (COVID version 18) was first experimented with, in a large scope, on people in Wuhan, China, as a cover-up for ending the violent Hong Kong riots of 2019. Furthermore, after the dumbest president the world has ever seen, Donald 'Donnie Boy' Trumpstein had praised the lethally dangerous - even explosive at room temperature - drug Hydroxychloroquine, for its made-up effect on the virus, it strangely enough got a quick ban in the social democracy Sweden. While in Ghana, where the drug is used daily on its 30 million citizens - and at the latest counting (8:th september 2020 17:00 GMT) had only 283 deaths from the virus. The swedish new-age healer, better known by Joe Blow under the moniker Doktor Anal, went so far, as to say, that the ban of the dirt-cheap, and easily- accessible and producible, usual malaria- and lupus medicine, was a hands-down explanation of Sweden's somatic-care corruption. But that sicko has just as much credibility as the late Michael Jackson's vitilago, that chocolate doesn't make you horny, or Bill Clinton's monogamy.


"Over here, we have individuals who are religious fundamentalists; fanatics. And this is the real-time RTPCR expression of the VMAT2 gene. Over here we have individuals who are not particularly fundamentalist nor religious. And as you can see, there's a much reduced expression of this particular gene, the VMAT2 one.

So what you're saying is by spreading this virus, we're gonna eliminate individuals from equipping a bomb vest and blowing up a market?

So our hypothosis is that these are fanatical people, they have an over-expression of the VMAT2 gene. And that by vaccinating them against this, we'll eliminate this behaviour. So we have some very remarkable data in this next slide. Here we have two brain-scans, these are FMRIs. These are 2 different individuals, with 2 different expressions of VMAT2. On top is an individual who is a religious fanatic, an individual that - we have repeated this numerous times - has a high level of VMAT2. Now, this individual down here, who had low levels of the VMAT2 gene. This individual would self-describe as not particularly religious.

In each case, these individuals were read a religious text. This individual lit up in the right middle frontal gyrus, shown here. And that's the part of the brain that's associated with theory of mind. It's a part of the brain that has to do with intense beliefs, and desires. In more contrast, here's an individual who would not particularly self-describe as religious, and when they're read a religious text - what you see is that this part of the brain, called the interious Sock fetish|insula], lights up. This is the part of the brain that's associated with disgust; on displeasure of hearing something.

Are you suggesting CT-scanning people when i'm evaluating them, and then to determine whether to put a bullet in their head?

The data that I'm presenting here, supports the concept that we're proposing. And I think that we would not propose to do CT-scans or FMRCIs, on individuals out in the hitherlands of Afghanistan. The virus would immunise against this VMAT2 gene, and that would have the effect that you see here. Which is essentially to turn a fanatic into a normal person, and we think that would have major effects in the Middle East.

How would you suggest that this is going to be dispersed - by aerosol?

The present plan, and the tests that we've done so far, have used respiratory viruses, such as flu- or rhinoviruses. And we believe that this is the satisfactory way to get the exposure to the largest part of the population. Most of us have of course been exposed to those viruses, and we're quite confident that this will be a very successfull approach.

Fascinating, what's the name of this proposal?

The name of this project is FUNVAX, which is a vaccine for religious fundamentalism.

You have a proposal already?

The proposal has just been submitted, and the data I have shown you today, would support the development of this project - and we think it has great promise."

- b1L3 G, Pentagon briefing to CIA, COPYRIGHT 2004 BY NO-ONE


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