The golden age

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The golden age


like the others said, this isnt youtube. i tried to add music / effects to my essays, people just got annoyed. bitchuters dont want to be entertained.

anyway. "because of their outerworldly strength". wow. he just lays it all out! even if christians (hate every single one of them, have never met a good christian. and ive met a lot. A LOT) technically are slaves to jews, and muslims are slaves to christians, they both revolt from their leaders. my mom just said, out the blue, one time, that "you still have your mind". and its true. you dont only rally for a leader, you become them, you become part of the hivemind (baptizing / circumcision / a priest raping you, helps a lot too). and eventually, you have no free will left. you think you get this when youre drunk, but its only your reptile brain speaking. unfortunately, as long as weve had alcohol this has been the main problem of our species.

before the stoneage was the golden age. weve just been dumbed down since then. yes, TV / social media censorship lays it all out in the open, but its always been like this. dieties like isis / kali / ymer / ra were normal people, just in a more developed society. we all have those genes hidden deep inside. most are un-activated (genes are either -1 0 +1). it is possible to activate them permanently, but the overlords do everything to revert them, or even make them negative in polarity. thus the reason for all these wellness-psychosises.

so, i took the vaccine. twice. im dumb, i know. its still better than the alternative. constantly forced PCR tests. i thought my new anger was something natural. nope. they put the swab through your noze, to ruin your amygdala. so ive turned more reptilian. i also smell like a snake. a metal snake. i dont care about anything anymore. so, no, not a zombie. i feel more like blowing up a nuclear power plant. this is the vmat2 de-activation process. the effectiveness pfizer talks about, is how much the gene is deactivated.

all neuroleptics do this too. and they shoved that shit down my throat for a long time. actually, neuroleptics are so fun. because they give you so much, that the coding runs out of bounds. from plus 100 to minus to plus 5 to minus 100 to deactivated (guess what happens when you remove a gene which is essential for survival. they call it "MNS", lol). a big fucking mess.

so, neuroleptics are custom made to not make you angry. except, anger and love is governed by your heart. what happens, is that your heart turns cold. colder than you could ever imagine. colder than outer space. colder than a black hole.

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