The klan

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ive wondered

what ive wondered
more is why the klan
(at least, in sweden)
isnt in the news at all

though, i saw the ones
at a country festival
on national television
where they sang the n word
like it was their favorite
expression of all time

god said that prophets always
get killed by their own people
so its more complicated than that

crucify your own saviour
because to you
he was just an a hole
to the ones who
truly knew him

gaddafi got an ak47 with a
bayonette up his rectum

but everyone
in the end
meets the
same destiny

no matter who you are

look into reptilism belatriciano
satanism before christianity
the key is egypt

its strange that they hate on blacks
because i know many africans who
are proud of their egyptian heritage
maybe not everyone though

type 0 negative

theres someone i know
who basically pretends xe
doesnt know a single
word swedish
and just echoes
your words and
yells you out

xe is tigrinia
i dont know what
the whites did to ethiopia
but it couldnt have been fun

practice sun gazing
i know it sounds crazy
but we stare into lights all day long
so why not get your power
from nova directly instead

its possible to get both wifi
and electricity from the ether
so called allah state of mind

as long as you
practice the right words
and hand & body gestures
in your head
it all works out


av EmmaSotz (ris och ros)

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