The scorpios fate

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the scorpios fate
hope you find
some joy in
reading this
your tired heart
but you shine
so bright
even if you can
only shine for 1
the scorpios fate

the scorpios fate
where you watch every movie
and tv series to the date

the scorpios fate
where everything
seems to rhyme with

the scorpios fate
where you read everyone face
down to the T
of who they are
and who they could be
and find a mate whos the ultimately

the scorpios fate
you never grow tired when its late
you work and work
more than a tori
and more than an aquarius
and you stay strong through it all
no matter how crazy woman or man
you find as a mate
and you might want to mate
with wrong things too
like your baby boo

the scorpios fate
oh my ooh!

the scorpios fate
thats how it blew

the scorpios fate
i love you

karin marianne

happy beearlied
74th birthday
slay all the naysayers
and be in your prayers

av Tomas Karinsson (ris och ros)

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