The spectral notes part 1

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to say it once again:

i started making shit up in like...


maybe some really amateurish

things even earlier like 2004

oh right, the 2/3:rd poem

in mr mishmash book

was something out of the ordinary

miss sri lanka responded with

"it sent shivers down my spine"

or something like that

she liked it

or not

or too

early ASMR

and that was long ago

and now people

respond worse and or better


people just fall in love with me like


they forget about their

kids family spouse

responsibilities everything

both men and women

random people i meet

wherever online or IRL

even worse

they usually forget about me

or dream about me

and pretend they dont like me

because im larger than life

im not saying this to brag

its just an insight i got

hey i wanted to be a rockstar and

i got that personality eventually

my sis sara has gone backstage

with some of the biggest bands in history

im not jealous and i wouldnt

want that life its different and

she chose it or it chose her

shes an amazing person i barely know her

almost never seen her but shes blood

so i pretty much know everything anyway

i forgive easily and i mean it

you get bitter from the humle in beer

its a conservative so if you think

youre punk or leftwing if youre an alcoholic

then youre wrong ok straight edge is

the only way to true enlightement or

else youll just up and die

one day and no one knew why

maybe from the latest vaccine

you had a 85-90% chance of surviving it

quoteth: mr latino:

"om jag jag bara hör ordet 'sprit' nu så spyr jag"

crazy whacky whimsy nutter: "sprit sprit sprit

sprit sprit sprit sprit sprit sprit sprit!!!!!!!"

mr latino "fan sluta ok du är speciell lol"

listen ive met several sick freaks and

sillymuch passive aggressive psychos

and BDSM nutters

and insane drug addicts and

erotica writers and prostitutes and

pimps and brothel mamas and mafia bosses

theyre nice people they dont treat me too badly

conciousness expresses itself through

creation like archangel mkæl says

you are your own reality you choose what you eat

with your senses including your mind

its the most precious dont do drugs

you can think and pray yourself out of any trouble

possible just believe in yourself

and mother earth and brother moon

and the bright suns and älvdottirs around you

were all one soul tribe its ok

no matter what state youre in

it gets better you just have to

take that first step <3

anyway i dont stand by trans rights or any rights

you have the right to be yourself up to a point

you will see the signs all along its

up to you to read them correctly

or they will be printed on your forehead

thats why im getting a face tatu anyway

not sure what it will be but i dont find myself

pretty or attractive and i find that good

too much self confidence isnt good

wellness can fuck you up just do whatever

makes you happy and harmonic

and that you know is true

its easy really if youre struggling with addiction

no matter what you can literally think yourself out

of the problems just make a big decision and the

universe will lay the path down to you

its easy demons are on your side

because they are YOU and no one else

you are your own darkness

how you see the world because darkness

is only light you cant see its a grainy image

which you have to interpret

the point i was going to

make in the beginning is

lying can be good even bold lies

its storytelling its not lies just make a

grandiose story make it abstract so its

allmängiltigt thats supreme art anyway


/ ± / av·dam seas·ep·e s·gn·ng out \ ± \

av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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