The story about how i got to know bellas sister

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the first time
i heard of her sister
is when she called us up
when we were at
a greek trattoria
bella said i could
choose anything
on the menu
i chose 4 meats
it was pork cow
chicken and lamb
and i even took
some whiskey to it
when we were dining
tessan calls her up
i quickly take the phone
and she asks
who i am
i say
i protect bella
then tessan was
just dumbfounded
some months later
i was at my place
bella was at hers
tessan spams me
with calls and SMS
except the SMSs
were corrupted
and i never managed
to take her calls
she hung up
over and over
i cant remember
now exactly why
but i visited
my mother
who lived
a 25 minute
walk from me
while there
tessan does manage
to call me up
it was dark outside
eventhough it was summer
she says the immortal words
you know what
i am not from heaven
i am from hell
and tells me that
im not even
allowed to even
of their names
and i should delete all
art music poetry about her
the problem was
my mom didnt have a computer then
and my phone was an oldskool one
so i try to log into a poetry site
and delete some poems
but i tire after only a couple
it was a real gimpy phone
so i go to bed
and in the witching hour
bella SMSs me with
tessa is an aries
and they have
quite a temper
after that
i never heard from
tessan until
years later
and i made more
art music poetry
about bella
now i love
and make love
to tessan as well
and write about her
and shes the mother
of one of my children
hes called rhiannon
rhiannon habibi
angelo johansson
and ive
never met him
but i try to manifest
rhiannon and kirin
somehow so theyll be
more real to me
and to the world
beyond the fifth dimensions
to being down to earth
which aries is best at
they are fire and earth
theyre a volcano
thats why i love tessan
jag älskar dig tessan
yours truly
tessans älskare
johannes johanna johansson-jonsson

av Tessans älskare (ris och ros)

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