The story about rachel the clever rat

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so i was walking in south innercity stockholm
with my head firmly planted in the ground
when i saw something astounding ahead of me
it was...... a rat. a dead rat. näbbmus
as we say in swedish.
so i couldnt do much
except lay next to it
i just looked at it for awhile
it looked so beautiful with that long nose
it seemed to just have died from itself
no visible illnesses
and lo and behold!
i started hearing small squeeks
must have been from it
and it started twitching
as i looked at it more
it started to come alive
and as i put my hand on its fur
it kisses it
now i didnt know what to do
was happy to have revived
something important
so i went on my way
but the rat followed me
i saw it was limping on one leg
so i took a tiny bit of tigerbalm
and smeared its legs
it started hollering in its language
like it had seen god or jesus
it followed me real quickly
danced around in front of me
as it started to get crowded
i put it in my jacket pocket
and went on the commute home
it retreated whenever it saw danger
inside the pocket
this was usually children or dogs
i walked on the train commute
and one dog sharted yelping
and i took up miss rat
and i let the dog kiss her
all over with its sloppy tongue
i let it stay with me
from 11 april when my
best friend was born
until 7th may on my birthday
then it died
but before that
we had so much fun
you have to understand
rats are the only creatures
which i find "cute"
i was painting at the time
and it was running around
the painting on the floor
looking at it from lots of angels
and squeeking and squeeking
so i took a new paper
and put some paint down
and said
"you do yours now"
it took yellow and red
and painted flames
i got worried
what did this mean?
so i only gave her
blue and green
and still it painted flames
then i took out scrabble
and asked
whats your name?
it moved the bricks
to spell
so wonderful
as it came to the end
i figured i should burn the rat
and i now have her ashes in an urn
sweet dreams rachel
in wonderland
wherever you are
i know you watch out for me
and give me advice
i love you
the clever rat

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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