The story of how i mastered a muhajeddin

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i was on saras frequency last year

a muhajeddin had joined our neighborhood

so she comes over and walks into my apartment

turns on the tv i just bought

from the countess friend for 250 kronor

and sits there all day?

how rude! what have i done wrong?!

i was walking on eggshells

she cursed me dozens of times

just the first day

made my world all wobbly

my internet was so flaky i

couldnt play runescape

wifi breaking 20 times per day

especially when i was gonna upload

some art music or poetry...

or just a simple comment

a few words....

or even just a smiley!

and getting runescape to work

was like a labyrinth of practices

hold the desktops metal bar with my left hand

my right hand on my knee

try to think good thoughts for

however long it took to load

i did this 6 times each

time i wanted to play

i also downloaded gods unchained

you can make 200$ in $BTC per day

she obviously wouldnt allow that for me

keep em poor

give them bread and circuses

and they never complain......

she did this for 2 whole weeks

she seemed to bet on horses

and football and any sport you can like

making millions per day

by using the power of allah

she watched the news

she watched childrens shows

(she has no kids herself)

she looks like 50 eventhough

shes in her twenties

lots of wrinkles

she thinks water is blood

she only drinks beer not water

so finally

2 weeks pass

i dont remember what i said

but she didnt even flinch

but i realized thats how

sara handled me growing up

for the first 30 years of life

i saw her maybe 5 times

heard her speak 50 words

so, miss spiritual warrior

every time i had my door open

she would sit at my tv all day!

i have only 1 chair

so i had to sit on my bed...

then 2 cats joined my side

so she had been sitting

watching NFL all night

the cats claw her bloody

i didnt think badly

of her ever in this

i dont see her around

i dont know if she died

from blood poisoning

i dont know

i didnt know cats

were that powerful

NFL stands for

national football league

but it also means

negative feedback loop

her feedback loop

was monumental

she never gave

me a single coin

never spoke a word

except on the phone

knew perfect tigriña

and swedish and english

everyone else bowed down to her

except cats! i love cats.... ^_^

i call the cats bella

and jill calls the skinny cat miranda

thats a lesbian woman with fair skin

and tatus, some dude in runescape

said i reminded of her

no one can figure out my gender

except women that

talk about sex a lot

or write erotica...

av Tomas Emma Johansson-Jonsson (ris och ros)

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