The story of the second time i made love to maggie

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so i figured i should make myself pretty
so i showered off the gunk
then lathered myself from head to toe
even between the toes
then i put coconut oil in my hair
and put it in a tiny tiny horsetail
and put on some proper clothes
not dresses
my black puma pants
they look soooo good
and my only band t shirt
queens of the stone age
and my blue nikes
then i fried some hamburgers
put some lettuce in the bread
and the most important ingredient
mango chutney
its just sooo tasty
i didnt know if shed like it
but you gotta experiment
to my surprise
she wasnt at home
i figured id just wait
then lo
5 mins later
maggie the queen of
lots of things arrived
i remembered now
id given her 500 kronor
to buy stockings
she put em on
they were sand coloured
but not the ordinary yellowish sand
but falsterbo sand
like only a slight brown shade
and she put on a
fluffy white jacket too
she looked just soooo good
and she ate the whole hamburger
i could only stomache 1/3
ya see
id made em myself from mince
they took up half the frying pan
needed some finesse in flipping
and with my mums teacookies
they have liqourice spice in em
so tasty
the first thing i said
when i entered her apartment was
it smells like corpse in here
it does that from neuroleptics
she was lying in bed
surfing on her smartphone
and late at night
she said
you smell like fungus
like a chinese restaurant
in a real sweet voice
i kissed her
and we started to make love
the rest i wont write
because it just got
so nasty in my mind
when i wrote this story
in my head yesternight
and im in a calmer mood now
i hope you enjoyed
all the best wishes
and that you find someone
who loves you
who wants to make love to you
the way lovers do
soft and gentle
that you find someone
who cares for who
who gives you presents
if its only some sweet words
like mine now
this is my
gift to you