The story of the titan vulture

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2 guys on a motorcycle for 3, with a carriage. Were taking both one and the other thing. It was late late at night. They notice a woman walking slowly surely to her sleeping place. But she's probably slept with someone just, for money.

They beat her into submission, then take her into the carriage.

Between California and Las Vegas is a trip that only takes 10 hours. But most use the 20 hour road way. You see, the only way to fill up gasoline is in one place in 5 hours in both directions.

It is called the titan vultures way. It goes to a place which is sprucing with life. They grow grapes and make their own wine actually, and many other veggies. Seems they have a well on the property, as nothing almost ever goes there.

But today the young guys and the unknown woman were going there. Eventually they got on the road. Car corpses litter the street and the desert near. If you're unlucky you might find the road completely stopped by 2 crashed cars.

There has been talk of strange radio broadcasts. Of 4 tires on a new car that just pop. Of people coming from the desert asking for help, and killing the ones inside, and eating their flesh.

One broadcast is from the petrol station "Head back now, there's nothing to see here, nothing to live off of, head back, head back" it repeats.

"Did you see that?" the guy driving says.

"No, what?" the other guy says, who is busy kicking the woman into submission.

"It... it was a shadow... of a vulture. But... but... it was as big as an airplane".

"relax man, it just flew on thousands meters elevation past the sun, such things happen"

As one of the guys was relaxing, while the other one wasn't, the woman grabbed the relaxing guys gun and shot them both in the head.

She throws both corpses on the driveway, and continue driving.

It is said that maybe its not a vulture, its the last living winged dinosaur, aka dragon. And theres always only 1, and it is unisex and can fertilize its own eggs. When the baby dragon is old enough it eats its mother.

Whatever it is, it is not normal. And the woman saved her life. The staff at the petrol station was well mannered, and they let her stay for the night. No dragon was mad at her.

What she later discovered, as she was heading back, is it was her two sons, they were twins. But no homocide report will be created. she was too tired to recognize them, and they were too high to care. Police are afraid of this place too, even UFOlogists shy away from it.

But maybe she was holy, maybe she was born in the year of the metal dragon. However it was, this story isn't often told. Everyone knows you take the longer passage. If people ask why, you just get a mean expression back.
Never talk about it. Never make people interested in the mystery. because it's not a mystery. its just death and destruction and misery.

Whatever you do, never talk about it. The Titan Vulture.

av Emma Hogsworth (ris och ros)

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