The story of when bella proposed to me

Från Svenska Dikter
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love heals
but when its
not there
its complete

i yelled out
my ex a lot once
a whole lot

i mean
she was mean
for awhile
so then i can

i did it for hours
tried to be as
creatively horrible
as possible

all of a sudden
she says while
we are cooking food

"hey you......
i can put you
in a basement
if i want to"

when shes holding
a very big
cooking knife
and suddenly
turns around

the next day
she proposed to me
thats how people
do it i guess
show their
worst side
and ask

"do you accept me
for what i am?"

i declined
since then
nothing was
the same

we lived together
but she was gone
as much as possible

said some
words sometimes
some fake smiles
everything was fake

i got tired of her
which i guess is
what she wanted

shit i sound like
a sad drunkard
sorry you had
to hear this

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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