The story of when i didnt cum for a year

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so yesterday night there was a staff id only seen one time before. i was stunned by her. the perfect mix of black and white. she had both a mask and a shawl, so i didnt see a large portion of her face. but it just looked so immaculate. so i didnt want to defile her.

but as luck has it, at point one she bent over so much her tit touched my hand. thats never happened before, so its not a coincidence. today, a sri lanka / tibet staff im really not attracted to did the same thing. so i put my hand on her butt, and she says "tomas is the kindest one here". success! and i was wrong about 2 centimeters. my cock is like 2/3 of how it was before, especially when i use the showerhead on it.

if you didnt know, last year i was at another housing. i also had 20 pills per day. so i was a zombie. i jumped just about a year ago, and hadnt masturbated at all until prior to a week ago. i tried at one point to look at my cock when i was lying in bed, and it had retreated into the scrotum. so i figured it was hopeless.

then, i ordered valeria root. its supposed to be against anxiety. it didnt work for that at all. but i started having wet dreams, and several female staff members masturbated in front of me late at night, when no one else was around, and they thought i was sleeping.

then i quit taking the pill after a week. so i went down on the drug, and the opposite thing happened. i was accused of masturbating in the shower, 2 other staff had evidently seen me doing it in front of another. they reported it to the police, so i was paranoid about that for a long time. finally i asked my trustee about it, and she said they had turned down the case.

women have always been crazy about my cock. it seems they both have x-ray vision and can peer in time. so everyone knew i was large. same thing happened at the hospital and the housing, eventhough i just couldnt get it up at all.

they had tricked me into taking 3 grams of pure potassium per day, which is a type of salt. im still afraid of getting a kidney stone, but ive quit the pills now. youre supposed to take a max of 2 grams per day, and that is an overestimation.

eventually, my catheter broke every day, because salt crystals got in the tube. i dont know how i survived that, that my bladder didnt just explode. 2 times the catheter even broke, because the salt melted holes in it.

one time there were 3 female staff here, for 1½ hours, trying to put the tube into my cock, and failing all the time. but they really just wanted to stroke me and look at the glory.

so anyway, last week my favourite staff said, since theyd refused to let me in the bathroom for 2 weeks, that i could "shower as long" as i wanted. i ended up being there for an hour. for 30 mins i stroked myself, and finally cummed. since then its grown more and more in size all the time, and i always wake up hard.

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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