The story of when i met the dark wanderer

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so i was smoking a cig outside my door
it was about midnight
no one around
after id smoked half
i notice a guy sitting on the parkbenches
in the middle of this housing complex
we begin to talk
i ask him if he wants a cigarillo?
he obliges
i walk down and sit there
and we chitchat and smoke some cigs
he gives me some as well
he makes em by hand
after an hour it starts to rain some
and i invite him into my apartment
he comes
while there i treat him to an egg and coffee
probably saved his night
ya see
he used to be a mercenary
from åland
an island between middle
finland and norrland in sweden
i wonder now if he was still a mercenary
kill people for money
he didnt kill me
which was odd
a lot of people want me dead
i now realize
theres 2 mr dj where i live now
one guy played this disgusting bass tune
over and over
and i realized yesterday in my anxiety
that thats how i snore
they say the whole room
shakes or something when i snore
is the greatest of all
its raining a lot outside now
pouring down
its my tears
i didnt cry
when i had anxiety
i play some tunes on youtube
and he recommends some rock artists
he also rolls a cig
made out of saffron stems
it doesnt work
it just tastes like burnt wood
eventually after some hours
i get anxiety
and go to bed
and he heads out
the rain has stopped
just a friend
i got to meet
brother from another mother
he broke into the community apartment
dunno how
the lock was broken the next day
thats how he lives

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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