The story of when i proposed to bella

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so we had been going
for it steady for 2 years
but it hadnt exactly been steady
i dont know if its been months
or even a year
since we made love
i dont count the days
but it was more and more
tension building up
until we had a huge argument
rhiannon went on her side
while kirin was crying in bed
and the cats starting hissing at me
and neuf clawed me on my ankle
so i pretty much ran away from there
i was thinking about
protected custody
lots of things
but i ended up spending
the night at the pub
i took cold tapwater
because im boring like that
and a hamburger
and theirs is real tasty
i was thinking at first to do take away
but there was one woman
who seemed to know everyone there
her name was beija
so i figured hey maybe
i can sit next to her
because all other
seats were taken
maybe it would work
we ended up talking for 6 hours
she sort of looked to be my mum
and i teased her about that
she seemed to know
everything about everything
an opera geek i guessed first
had been in church choirs
she said after 3 hours
and i kissed her cheek
the last hour
she said
and we had again built up tension
but in a better way than
me and bella
and it was like magic
my whole body sparkled
and i think she
could feel it too
i interupted her
i went home to bella again
come hell and high water
when i arrived
everyone was sleeping
except for neuf and 1 kitten
he had gotten a friend!
kirin and rhiannon
were as usual embraced together
when sleeping
before they were born
we figured theyd want a bed each
but gave it away eventually
since they just couldnt be apart
like siamese twins
filling in eachothers words
so i laid in bed with my clothes on
i didnt take note of bella
i was just so tired
but all that conversation
was whirling around in my mind
strangely enough bella usually
chats with her friends
until like 3 after midnight
but now it was 2
and her smartphone
wasnt even near
eventually i looked at her
and noticed there was a stuck
mascara tear on her cheek
of course i regretted
saying those things too
but we needed to get out steam
so i kissed her
i think 35 times
before she woke up
with a cheshire smile
just a second later
she felt her cheek
and scurried to the bathroom
she usually does her makeup at night
and sleeps with it
works for her
at least
she started sobbing
and the shower went on
but i didnt dare to go there
had i been unfaithful?
what is sex really?
is it just intra-vaginal?
i had all these conflicting
thoughts in my mind
but eventually after an hour
i took off my clothes
and cusped her now big boobs
and began kissing her
all over
when i reached her butt
libras think with their bottom
she started quivering
and started crying
and then laughing
then she shook so much
she fell right on her butt
first crying
then laughing even more
so i sat on my knees
next to her
and asked
she replied after 10 secs
yes yes yes yes!
it took 3 months of preparations
but then all her closest
friends were there
about 1000
but many came and went
and some dozen from my family
when it came to the rings
i just started kissing her
and never stopped
again she cried and laughed
and she looked so beautiful like that
all emotions at once
what she says my poetry is like
eventually rhiannon and kirin
let out in a chorus
and then they sprinted up
they were good runners
and they read a lot of books
theyre good with everything
better than both bella and me
at things even
theyre the best
rhiannon put the ring on my finger
and kirin on bellas
the rest of the day
we spent in a pool on the property
dancing in the water with everyone
like dancing in space
now its been another 2 years
and we are shakey again
she doesnt want to be touched by me
and i dont want to touch her
it just feels wrong
and ive started going to that pub
and other places too
but beija is nowhere to be found
i dont know what to do now
so figured i could at least
write it down
for some to be dazzled
and entertained
for what its worth

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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