The tree and me

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is a
player game
it was a real
beautiful sunset
i checked 3 times
real beautiful
or like julia phrases it
"it looks like
a turner painting"
she told me 6 years later
that shed bought a painting
which was of a
"woman praying to a tree"
that woman is sofia
it is me
in 2006 when i was
gonna walk to china
i left a bunch of a4 pages
with quotes id collected
next to a really beautiful tree
thats where sofia laid
later my dad said
they found me
sleeping by a tree
i dont remember
it that way
but hey
that one tree
that was me
that was sofia
i am sofia
i am dryad
a halfelf
they chopped me down
i used to be a birchs
best friend
it was always 2 of us
the tree and me
then they
chopped me down
i am sofia
i am a birch
i am tomas
i am an oak
and i love the sakura
day at kungsträdgården
like regina lund says
"im going im
definately going"

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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