The whores of babylon

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The whores of babylon


immortal technique is wrong. the problems in the world is not the white mans fault, it is not the germans fault, it is not the black mans fault, it is not the chinese fault, it is not the jews fault, and it is not the russians fault.

rather, it is the khazarians fault. they lived at the center of euroasia (khazaria is now called ukraine). so they had access to trade routes between russia, europe, asia, and the middle east - and thusly, amassed huge amounts of assets and power.

later on - yes - they adopted the jewish doctrine, but this was just a cover-up. and it is not about ancient jewish black magic, but rather ancient babylonian black magic. this goes back hundred thousands of years, to annunaki knowledge. they are aliens, draconoids - who created the world, gene-manipulated humans (just like they are doing with the self-assembling nanocomputers and immortal hydras in the vaccines, these days) so we would reach sentience enough to be able to work as slaves.

if you have heard about "soul sculpting", the khazars can do something similar to this. they can "swap" personalities with another human being, and then easily kill the other part. this has happened all around the globe now. as youll see the same propaganda from nearly every doctor, politician and celebrity everywhere. their souls have been condemned, and their bodies are now ruled by the annunaki. they are, simply put, the whores of babylon.

several nations about 1000 years ago, tried to overthrow the khazars. they had spies though, and instead emigrated west with their riches and knowledge. they invaded most of europe, then england, and took over it. then america, and now, the world. the middle passage was inacted by them, the khazar actually owned 75% of all slave farms.

see through the lies. realize that everything youve been told, over and over again, from ever more higher authority and wisdom keepers, are wrong.

blaxploitation movies in the 70s were directed by khazars, to re-assert that africans are just "savages". but the khazars think this of every other religion on earth. if your skin is black, white, pink, brown, beige, red, yellow - it doesnt matter.

soon, with CBDC (centralized banking digital currency) and the social credit system that will follow, we are all condemned, and will be severely enslaved. its coming this year, to several countries - many will soon follow. by 2030 the entire world will be under the khazarian rule, as if they werent already.

for the 42% of the world which arent vaccinated, say hello to (FEMA, among others) concentration camps.

keep a look-out for the upcoming vaccines, which will be adminstered by a simple small band-aid. which, strangely enough, is just like what the christian and muslim holy books talk about - the mark of the beast.

anyone who does not have the mark of the beast (infra-red neon tattoo) will be unable to trade, work, nor travel. this has almost already been put to the world already. but in the coming months and years, it will turn much worse.

strangely enough, there are 2 groups of people in the world, which the death clot shots doesnt work on. these are the mormons (because they refuse to take / give blood) and the khazars. you know how they wanted you to test if you had corona over and over again, in the beginning of all this? this was to map the entire worlds DNA, and they tailor-made the vaccines to damage everyone who wasnt a pureblood satanist.

the khazars have taken over almost every church, synagogue and mosque in the world. on the outside, they seem freedom-loving and peaceful. but inside, in hidden underground rooms, they worship baal and practice blood sacrifice. strange how its only off-shoots to religions, so called "sects", which get busted. while satanic pedophiles are a "conspiracy theory" that needs to be muted every chance they get on social media, the christian and muslim pedophiles are all known and living everywhere.

no, its not just about the democrats. no, its not just about religions. no, its not just about the clintons. no, its not just about the money. no, its not just about the oil.

this is widespread, this is everywhere, and its coming to your hometown soon - no matter where you live.

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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