They say revolution is the love of mother earth

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and i can no longer
turn stone to air
or air to stone
since i started smoking
i am ether now
and unexpectantly
since i ruin my lungs
i get anxiety from smells
going to the stinky 1000 smell mall
i get anxiety
going where the homeless take a dump
i get anxiety
being inside my home
i get anxiety
even stranger
brushing my teeth
which removes scents
give me anxiety
except i dont get anxiety
since im ether
so my teeth hurt
but not from a lack of flouride
or because of smells
because its all relative
my right skull part is ruined
since long past
and its not getting better
so i cant save the earth anymore
as a grey said a month ago
we are not afraid of you
but since it is all relative
i know i love bella
and i know bella loves me
and i love so many people
and the addition is greater than the parts
so my love is stronger than mother earth
and my poetry will last awhile
i did break bellas heart entirely
and she left me
and she came back
and she faded away
but the greys said something sweet
arent you and belal together again
as long as i write about her
i love you bella
and get back
i love you tomas
we are together
in another realm
but i am not that much ether
so i do now know of that world
which is all of bellas world
but opposites attract
its science
its physics
for each action
there is an equal
and opposite reaction
but love has no opposite
what gets more and more
the more you take of it
it is love
it is my love
for bella
jag älskar dig bella
och bella älskar dig

av Bellas älskare (ris och ros)

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