This is a journey

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i decided now
the only fun i have
playing an mmorpg
is no more
and all the better
the graphene puts
you in a soul cage
and we already
have several
for each drug you take
each addiction
you get another soul cage
until you almost turn mongoloid
can mostly only say 1 or 2 words
its pathetic
like stoners saying "im stoned"
and nothing else
you sound like a troll
i smoked a cigarillo
for the first time in 2 weeks
id been smoking since last october
wasnt hard to stop
but i noticed
i didnt go on the commute for that time
i just stayed at home
and played a stupid fucking game
then i prefer playing games with people
i change my mind
directly my behaviour changed from the smoke
i started swearing in my blog
i now also smoked koriander
they say its like metaamphetamine
ive only tried it once before
and barely ate for 3 weeks
real good
ill buy red wine tomorrow
fuck this
the thing is
if youre in a soul cage
an addiction can help
my soul cage is called
and its probably that for many
more gold more experience
in the game
equals more
fun for me
but its so nihilistic
i usually only play it to chat
and the people in the game
had problems with that
i change
its all you can do
now wonder what will happen tomorrow
the graphene also changed
so i cant sleep for 8 hours
if i drink some coffee
and i drank quite a lot
just a few hours ago
and its after midnight now
this is a journey (journey)

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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