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you know you can find your deep data profile online, right? if you have a unique full name (including middle name) just search for it on google, with quotes. if you look around the results, youll find a weird randomly named domain, and like 32592537.html, the shortened result is your profile.

when i did it on me, most of the words that came up, where women that have meant the most to me (and the creepiest part, is that one of these women, i barely mention / talk about. so the AI reads your mind). when i tried it on my bestie, one of the words, was.. yep, "mason". honestly, had no idea about that. she also seems to know german. didnt know that either.

though, i did got to know recently, that illuminati DOES mean satanist. but you know what? the old word for satan is, saturn. so its just saturn worshippers. theyre real clever, yeah, and can do magic, and have good discipline. doesnt make them evil though. the imagery of satan in christian art, is a corruption of pan, an elk / human god, that represented the spirit of nature. this is not mentioned in the bible at all. there, satan is a red dragon.

i mean, in the middle ages, most dragons around the world got slayed. theres stories about dragons from all over the world.

so, what you should concentrate on, is reptiles, reptiloids, draconoids, dinosaurs (but recent fossil findings, shows that they had feathers, and birds evolved from them. dinosaur + feathers + flight = dragons).

the story of our origin is a hoax. every 13k years, theres a huge solar nova in our star system. its so powerful, that it knocks out all electronics in the entire world. its slated to happen soon again in 2030.

so, what that means. is that during earths evolution, there has been a plethora of advanced civilizations. and when they got near the 13k mark, most of them were starting to develop interstellar technology. then they just "happened" to all die out. weird huh?

oh, that nova also flips around the earths poles. it wont be pretty. its already happening. and our magnetic shield, sort of gets removed. so unless you have black skin, youre toast.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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