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I miss you every day



hi miss lady deloric
i miss you every day
several times per day
since many moons ago
and a plethora of suns
and planets and pluto
and wildebeests
and humanoids
and other parts of the
world i cannot understand
a drop of water is the same as the ocean
a me is the same as the you
the stomache is the most feminine
vasopressin is the most masculine
in yourselves and others
though not crusading
but if it takes that
to cleanse your sins
with more sins
mote it be
no one dares to fuck with you
except christian feminists
we started out as friends
that is about it
i do not go around hating everyone
it is said that psychopaths
do not hear the voice of satan
but of god
if there was a difference
maybe in germany god died
or was abolished
or chickened out
wanted for war crimes
of the heart
of the heart
of the heart
of gold
of non true love
as long as you are happy
we all are
the breath of the universe
the breath of a flower
the breath as you devour
the breath of a shower
the breath you get the point

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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