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"A dog is told what to do."

drinking / smoking / fashion / iphones because youre told, id wager never leads to anything good.

though, i remember a woman (who just happened to be a rocket scientist) saying "nothing is more attractive to a woman, than a man who does his job well. it doesnt matter if he works at a grocery store, or is a lawyer, as long as hes serious about it and puts in 110%, shell be dazzled"

my dad started with a complete shitjob. basically, refill chemicals once in awhile in the nightshift. not much effort, unless you slipped, of course. another one, was to stop the printing press when it locked up. you had to have fast reflexes. like fishing, sort of. nobody really cared about that part though, they just sat around doing nothing, drinking coffee and smoking, all day.

eventually, he had 4 of the top positions in the company. when he quit, one guy who tried to take over one of them, quit after 6 months because of a stomache ulcer. he worked until he was 60 (heartattack). he lived 6 more years. 3 guys in his family, died when they were 49. it could have happened to him, except he always had a positive outlook on life. i remember looking through family albums, and he smiled in every single one. mom on the other hand, had an anime frown in most.

"Men are trailblazers"

men are born warriors. women are born mothers. their whole modus operandi is being fat, whiny, manipulative, and lazy.

hey, i know a lot of guys are like that these days. this is because of the emasculation of society. aka the matriarchy. everything "feminism" complains about, is the exact same thing the patriarchy always have wanted them to think.

boohoo, teen women kill themselves the most! no, middle-aged men commit the most suicides. this is because, at that age, if you havent settled down, you never will. maybe drinking at the pub isnt fun anymore, probably because no woman even looks your way anymore. or youre tired of being a virgin / lonely. or you get fired from a job you got when you graduated (to make way for "the young crowd", people in the age groups 18-35. usually the boss can hire 2-3 people to replace you, and still not pay more in total wages. i mean, they know shit-all about their position, and eventually this philosophy runs the company into the ground, but hey..). or your wife leaves you for someone "better" (hate to say it, but its most of the time an immigrant. a stuck-up latino, or a sadistic muslim), eventhough youve done everything for her.

women are just as unfaithful as men, if not more. and they kill just as much. they, kill your soul though. sort of worse. hey, even fritzl had a wife. she surely was oblivious to everything that was going on.

testosterone vs oestrogen. though, its more vasopressin vs oxytocin. its vasopressin which turns a boy into a real man, who protects his family / tribe, takes care of the economy, and puts food on everyones plate. me, i am the frontfigure in the battle vs the illuminati.

its not easy. its not really hard either. if you do what you want to, because you burn for it, nothing can stop you. fuck if i let someone control me. my dad actually said this on his deathbed. i dunno what we were talking about. he said that i always win all our arguments. before then, i thought it was the other way around.

and mom said i was better than him ("he was never at home, and when he was, everything he did was half-assed, and he didnt give a fuck about my art. if he wasnt working double-shifts, it was drinking with his mates all the time, or fucking the next-door neighbors wife / some random degenerate young blonde whore"). grandma said i was a better artist than mom. so its gone full circle.

my fullblood sister is really successfull though. cant say i compete with her. she has stone-cold discipline, but shes also even more openminded than me. i remember one summer when we were out biking far (we have almost never talked or done anything together), i was talking my normal jabberwockey in hyperspeed, and often tried to explain what i really meant.

she just replied "..i understand (what you were thinking)". i mean, i could say "turn left" eventhough i meant right, and reverse genders / meanings, she still knew exactly what i was talking about. have never met anyone even near her. roots rock, maybe.

its great with women putting on makeup for hours each day. i wish they would put more effort into not destroying their bodies instead. aka, not drinking that much. but women want to have their cake and eat it too.

if women put the same effort into being creative, as they do with their looks, our society would overflow with art. they prefer just manipulating men though, and have them do the dirty work.

"dogs are a pack animal"

nope. ever heard the term "lonewolf"? i know some people who have never had a leash on their dog. but they follow them around everywhere anyway, and never cause any trouble. hey, before, it was accepted to beat your dog into submission. doesnt make it right though.


so? are you straight edge hardcore vegan? no? then keep quiet. we kill things all day long in our society. just because mainstream christianity says that we have dominion over everything (including women) doesnt mean you have to ascribe to it.


av AkariHarakiri & EternityInterface (ris och ros)

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