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i dont find attractive people attractive anymore. because i know how they do it. its sickening. and its simple.

need to get in shape? amphetamine will do it. i know a guy who trained 3 days before a half-marathon. before, he looked like a skeleton, a decrepid zombie like being. its hard to figure out his age, because hes so immature. im guessing with the wrinkles, around.. 45? after the marathon, he looked like a hulk. like he was in his 20s.

need that perfect skin? 1 litre of beer per day. start as soon as possible. i dont know if its termed an antioxidant, but it is used as a detergent, and even fuel (say no more). when you turn.. 50? you might, one day, look like complete dirt. until that though, forever young.

if you couple these with cigarettes, youll turn immortal. no amount of heat, cold or noise will phase you.

and top it off with cocaine. your empathy gets completely shut off. you can treat people however badly you want it, with no bangs of conciousness. in the same way, no one can get to you either. youll get superfast intellectual reflexes, being able to ward off any attacks on your personality, with a perfect set of lies, yelling, threats, empty promises, and manipulation.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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